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How do I get rid of Ransomware

By cathareese ·
I have 2 relatives that has different ransomware, how do I get rid of it. These computers are their only ones they have. I am the one chosen to work on them because I have the time but not the knowledge. Any Help, please? thanks Catha

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by PurpleSkys In reply to How do I get rid of Ranso ...

a good antivirus program like
a good malware program like and a good clean up program like ccleaner give those a try and let us know how it works out, if it's still there, let us know and we'll try something else.

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DrWeb, too

by TobiF In reply to try

I recently helped a friend, who had some ransomware on her computer.
I scanned with several programs, but didn't find anything, until I tried DrWeb.
CureIt is free for private use. It is program you'd download once when you need it. (Then throw it away, since new versions of CureIt are released every few hours, as soon as the database is updated. Therefore next time you need it, you get a fresh copy.)

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English Version??

by john3347 In reply to DrWeb, too

Is there an English language version of Dr. Web CureIt?

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English, Russian, German, French!

by TobiF In reply to English Version??

Go to
In the upper right corner, you can select language. At first, your question surprised me, because I have been using the tool in English and didn't realize it comes in different flavours. :)

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Hi There, (About Ransomeware?)

by kevinsting In reply to try

THAT STUFF ABOVE (ANSWER) IS GOOD ADVICE! But if it doesn'nt work?
What I do is go straight to the Horses Mouth...I go to the REGISTRY....
2) RUN
4) Click OK
5) ONCE THERE? (At The Top Of The Page)DO THIS.
When the LIST Drops down? Click on FIND...Then TYPE-IN the NAME of The Ransomware....then click on find or OK which ever shows up....Once it STOPS SEARCHING? Look for Highlighted Names.(it should say Ransomeware)..etc....If you see some....HIT the DELETE Key on your Keyboard...and delete it....THEN DO THIS....
Go back To: EDIT...CLICK ON IT....Then when
the LIST drops down again...CLICK ON (FIND)(AGAIN)..type in the RANSOMEWARE (Though it should still be in there) on FIND or OK...
(AGAIN).LOOK FOR MORE (Highlighted) Names....then hit DELETE....Keep doing this until NOTHING shows up....That should clean the Ransomeware OUT OF YOUR COMPUTER...Or your Relatives....Can't remember who you said this was for..
To Get Out Of The (REGISTRY?)..The same as you would any other PAGE...Click on FILE...and EXIT...Or CLOSE....Or just click on the Big Red (X) up in the top (Right Hand Corner of The Page)
Good LUCK!
Kevin Sting

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How to

by TobiF In reply to How do I get rid of Ranso ...

Some ransomware will not even let you work your computer, even less connect to the internet. And sometimes they'll kill any antivirus program they can find.
In such cases, you need to be running not from the hard drive you're trying to cure.

Using a different (hopefully clean) computer, burn a "rescue disk" so that you can boot the sick machine off the CD, rather than from the infected HD. (Not all antivirus programs allow you to do this in their unpaid versions though.

Alternatively, mount the infected drive as an additional HD (possibly via a USB adapter) to a fresh computer and scan the drive with several Antivirus / antimalware programs.

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How To Unlock Ransomlock

by snaik95899 In reply to How do I get rid of Ranso ...

Download Ransomlock Key Generator Tool From Symantec at

Once it is downloaded to your spare PC, double click the file to run it in the Windows Command Line. Enter the code from the infected PC in the command line window.

Enter the input codeas is unless it starts with "K2". If it starts with "K2", you'll need to enter "4110" followed by the third,fourth,sixth,seventh, ninth and tenth digits.

After entering the input code in the command line window, the key generator should provide you with an unlock code.

Run Malwarebytes Anti Maleware Program to remove any other viruses or malware.

This was published in Smart Computing Dec 2009 issue.

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