How do I get rid of Windows' "Not Responding" error in apps?

By IanDSamson ·
How do I get rid of Windows' "Not Responding" error in applications? If it's a system registry edit, where and what to change?

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If only it were that simple

by robo_dev In reply to How do I get rid of Windo ...

That's like how to eliminate death and suffering in the world.

Do you mean how to change the error message? That's not possible, as it's a function of the application that's compiled into the application. The only way to change the error messages of an application would be to modify the application.

When a Windows PC goes to high processor utilization or when a communication application cannot communicate, it either just dies or says 'not responding'.

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Fix the problem

Windows not responding isn't just a popup error. It is generally an indication of a bigger problem. If it is on one specific app, check the error logs and see what it is that is causing the crasy/lockup. If it is across the board on random apps then it will be a more systemic problem like not enough memory, slow processor, file corruption or any number of things.

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Google gave me this

by Tony Hopkinson In reply to How do I get rid of Windo ...
(No idea whether it worls, and would never use it)

However, this isn't a fix, it's a nasty hack to hide the real issues, and means the app is poorly written.
This change was put into help detect poor designs, and force software providers to sort themselves out. All the fix does is stop you being told it's not responding, and it should...
So all it will do is go back to sort of grey and funny looking and then you'll say stuff it, kill it from task manager and quite easily corrupt storage, lose data etc..

Absolute last resort, worse still this will this will be all the apps under your account and you'll have to it for all users running these poorly written apps as well.
I wouldn't go near this, ever.

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Easy and Practical Solution

by dhamilt01 In reply to How do I get rid of Windo ...

If NO ONE purchased Windows 8 when it comes out, you'd see a massive change in the attitude Microsoft has about writing, selling and not supporting the crap they produce.

Stay with what you have now or go Apple or Linux. Just don't buy Windows 8 and watch what happens.

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Not explicitly possible, but...

by Dan212 In reply to How do I get rid of Windo ...

I may actually want to agree on Tony Hopskinson's idea, though, like they say, the 'PC' is dead? I hate to agree on that but I will still continue to use a PC until Microsoft lawfully forces us to move onto a tablet computer no matter how you look at it, still.

And of course, highly likely 'Windows 8' will be locked down like Mac OS X of course, there's no telling what will happen, and full disclosure, I'd actually prefer a Windows 8 'jailbreak' to come.
There's no telling what will happen, our future is on a crazy path, move up people, technology is moving on!

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