how do i get the tech guys from Ableton to answer my questions?

By riverreaper ·
ive been trying for a week now to find out if there APC40 will match up with my studio one 64 by PreSonus, as far as it controling as it does other track programs , they list a few but not mine . ive asked them they sent back a case no. i reasked with the case no. included , they relpied they cant find my lisened product no. { Duu } seeings im not paying 300.00 to 500.00 if it wont mach up an work .... so now im waiting again after explaining that part to them { nicely } should i email them with a difernt email addy if so how can i ask ? that the tech guy dont spend all day eatting dounuts drinking coffee an smoke brakes looking for a lisens . an just says yes or no ? please help

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With that kind of support, I certainly wouldn't buy anything from them.

by seanferd In reply to how do i get the tech guy ...

But if you really want their attention, you can ask you same question again on Twitter, or Facebook, or other forums related to music production. For example, Twitter is a good way to get the attention of Comcast when normal support channels aren't working - then again, Comcast has a Twitter presence, including at least some of its higher level officers and engineers. I wouldn't know about Ableton.

It seems to me, though, that these folks aren't interested in actually selling or supporting their products. Your question isone that should be extremely easy for them to answer.

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ill give that atry thank you ....

by riverreaper In reply to how do i get the tech guy ...

im intrested as theres no other hard ware that would control my track maker with that amount of controls for the price , but there is a PreSonus FaderPort one third the cost an size but far less controls , i guess ill flip a quarter . ok ,.... fader port won , now i should send Ableton a copy of this so they can go slap there tech guys hand . again thanks for your help , any other comments are welcome to add to this )

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in my question to Ableton i had included a second part...

by riverreaper In reply to how do i get the tech guy ...

i also asked a youtube friend whom already had one if it would work with another section of my sound studio an i got a responce back from him befor the tech guys from Ableton { go figuar }
heres the friends responce : Re:asking about kore 2 an its working well with apc 40 ?

Yes they work fine, sometimes you'll need to map some of knobs, but in general there's no problem, with Live maping the APC 40 it's really easy and fast you can even map the X, Y modulation kore's interface and move the cursor with two knobs of the APC for listening to the variations of the sound, really recomendable, even more if you don't have the kore 2 interface.

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