How Do I get Ubuntu 10.4 to work on my Dell 700M?

By iansprn ·
I have been running 9.04 and 9.10 sucessfully, but when I try installing 10.4 the display freezes after the initial splash screen. I need to run in secure graphics mode to continue. WHere do I go from here?

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Go to

by seanferd In reply to How Do I get Ubuntu 10.4 ...

The Ubuntu forums, or see the documentation. e.g., http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=501664



To run in safe graphics mode, you need to reboot and choose safe graphics mode from the boot menu.

Then you'll either need to find the correct graphics driver, or change xorg.conf to load the correct graphics driver. Xorg auto-config has obviously chosen poorly for the driver.

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I would....

by ---TK--- In reply to How Do I get Ubuntu 10.4 ...

boot into safe gfx mode, go to the gfx manufacture's website, download the correct drivers....

hit ctrl+alt+F2 (F1-F7) > enter username and passwd > run #sudo service gdm stop > go to the downloaded driver location (example: cd \home\user\Desktop) > type: ls (this will show all the files at the location... make sure the driver you downloaded is at the location you navigated to) > then type: sudo bash DriverName (if it Nvidia.x.x.x.x, just type Nvid~tab~, this will auto complete, so you will not have to type it all out).

it should then run the install script and install your driver... at least that's what I do... or you could try enabling restricted drivers and have ubuntu recommend a driver, and install it through the GUI...

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I can't find the driver to download

by iansprn In reply to I would....

Hi TK. I spent a couple of hours searching Dell for the Ubuntu graphic driver for my 700m. Can't find one. Where should I try searching? Thanx

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Try this...

by -CC- In reply to How Do I get Ubuntu 10.4 ...

I used Google to search for "Ubuntu 10.04 blank screen". There are several different solutions provided in several different forums. You may also want to add "dell 700m" at the end of the search for your specific issue.

The solution for my 710m with an Intel video chip was to add i915.modeset=1 after the words quiet splash in the grub bootloader.

If you did an upgrade from 9.x to 10.04, you may have to hold shift during boot to get to grub. You can add the sting I listed above by editing the boot string then ctrl-x to boot. If it works, you will have to make the change permanent by editing the grub bootloader string after the system is up.

This post is not meant to explain exact steps but rather point you in a direction for a possible solution. There are many different solutions depending on the computer and graphics card you are using.

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