how do i get vista to stop asking me for permission?

By yehudam770 ·
i have an administrator account and it still asks me for permissions and rights and my management studio express wont run because of the security settings.

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Turn off UAC

by w2ktechman In reply to how do i get vista to sto ...

go to control panel -- security

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However, be aware ...

by OldER Mycroft In reply to Turn off UAC

Having once turned UAC off, you may find on occasions that certain other programs will fail to launch (indeed - some may fail to install), until you have turned UAC back ON.

This is one of the foibles of the enhanced security within Windows Vista.

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My advice

by havocthemangaman In reply to However, be aware ...

Someone once told me that you should never use an administrator account as your everyday account, I think this is good advice. If you want to turn off this annoying feature by all means do but use a standard user account as your day to day account and use the "Right click>run as" option when needed. this is still a little annoying but gives you a more secure environment should you accidentaly run malware?

Your thoughts?

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Indeed you should not use an admin

by Tony Hopkinson In reply to My advice

level account day to day. However if turn off UAC in Vista, you lose 99.99% of all the security benefit of having it over XP. The killer being protetcted mode in IE7+. Use an alternative browser if you are going to turn UAC off.

UAC is irritating because most windows apps need admin level priveleges to function. Keep recommending turning it off and nothing is going to change.

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Actually it does run on Vista,.... more below.....

by Peconet Tietokoneet In reply to Not supported on Vista?

Microsoft SQL Server Management Studio Express Service Pack 2.
I do not have a Windows server, but the program does run on Vista. I have tested it and ran it, but for the connection side, because i do not have a WIndows server, it could not do a connection. But otherwise it does run.

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