How do I get Wi-Fi management/software apps for my 3g "LG GT950 Arena cell?

By sccali ·
Where do i find Wi-Fi management software apps for my 3g lg cell phone
(bluetooth/internet enabled) it is a NOT an Android 'nor a iPhone device. It is a java-based cell phone.

I spent hours researching but didn't get a single Wi-Fi management app. All of the apps are for android/iphone/symbian/windows type cell phones, my cell is NONE of those. I came across one particular site where someone said that it is possible to get Wi-Fi capabilities on your 3G internet only phone. It could be accomplished by obtaining Wi-Fi software applications. Thus, turning your 3G internet cell phone into a Wi-Fi + (3G internet over BT) which would allow for it to become a Wi-Fi hotspot. All this could be done by: obtaining the Wi-Fi software to create (what they called) a "3G to Wi-Fi Bridge."

The hours and hours I spent searching clearly resulted in me not finding ANY Wi-Fi software that would possibly create a "3g to Wi-Fi bridge" on my LG GT950 (Arena) mobile phone. Please help...I reached a dead end with this. The whole reason I was searching on how to create/access Wi-Fi on my cell phone was to be able to connect to my Android Elocity A7 tablet that I had gotten since X-mas! Haven't made much use of it since then...because I don't have Wi-Fi connections at home (Elocity tablet ONLY connects to internet through Wi-Fi/+ its Bluetooth doesn't allow tethering through BT 3g internet enabled cell phones like mine).

+ I also tried making my laptop into a "Wi-Fi Hotspot" with software I downloaded to my Windows 7 laptop, but it didn't work the Android tablet didnt connect to the Wi-Fi computer Hotspot I had created. My lap top was connected to the internet over BT (bluetooth) by connecting to my LG's 3G internet via BT when I tried that Wi-Fi Hotspot creator software. What would happen is that the Android tablet would find the Wi-Fi hotspot but would keep scanning and ultmately wouldn't connect! Hopefully there is someone that could HELP me figure this out.....I'm at a dead end.

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First of all

by robo_dev In reply to How do I get Wi-Fi manage ...

Is your phone locked or unlocked? If it's locked, and it's the European model (which has WiFi), then you cannot use the feature IF it's disabled by your carrier.

If the phone is a US-model phone, it does not have a WiFi radio in it at all, so no software will fix that.

If it's a Europe-model phone, and it's unlocked, then it should not require any software to make WiFi work, that's just part of the phone. Whether it can tether or not is another issue, but typically that's either part of the phone firmware or not. With few exceptions, applications don't allow access to hardware that are disabled in the phone firmware (locked).

To connect your tablet to your laptop hotspot is a whole different issue (maybe you should post this a new question). The key information that's missing is what hotspot software are you using on the laptop? Typically if a WLAN device cannot connect, there are several issues...are the security settings correct? (e.g. WEP key, WPA2 passphrase, etc). Other issues include if the Windows firewall on the PC is allowing the other device to connect (Firewalls tend to block this sort of thing).

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