How do I get Win7 & Outlook 2003 to connect to Exchange Server

By MorrisNTex ·
Finally was able to get a Win 7 box to start checking compatibility and other issues of programs we use on a day-to-day basis. Most of our programs don't seem to have many issues as far as those that I have run on this box.
I installed MS Office 2003 Sp3 and everything there seems to work. Outlook even seems to work mostly except when I try to setup an Exchange Server 2003 mail account in Outlook, the account exists on the server (it's my account!). I keep getting the message "There was an error locating one of the items needed to complete this operation. It might have been deleted". This is what I get when I just put in the server name and user name then click the "check name" box.
If I type in the full server & domain name and the full user name and click next or more settings options I get "The account you have added is not fully configured. It might not work properly until re-configured correctly."
And I can only hit cancel from here, it won't let me proceed any further.

I have checked the event logs for any errors and warnings and found these:

Application Event Log - Warning
Security policies were propagated with warning. 0x534 : No mapping between account names and security IDs was done.

Advanced help for this problem is available on Query for "troubleshooting 1202 events".

Error 0x534 occurs when a user account in one or more Group Policy objects (GPOs) could not be resolved to a SID. This error is possibly caused by a mistyped or deleted user account referenced in either the User Rights or Restricted Groups branch of a GPO. To resolve this event, contact an administrator in the domain to perform the following actions:

System Event Log - Error
The SNMP Service encountered an error while accessing the registry key SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Services\SNMP\Parameters\ TrapConfiguration.

The Application log event gives steps to follow to correct the issue but about half way through the actual options in the mmc console veer off from what you're supposed to have according to the event log instructions.

Following the Event Log Online help comes up with the "No results were found for your query" message.

The accounts causing the issues are the IUSR & IWAM user accounts but I cannot find those on the computer in question, just on the domain servers.
I have searched Technet and some other forums and found 2 other questions/queries similar to this but their solutions were of no help.
I'm using Windows 7 Professional 32 bit and the computer is joined to the local domain.
Any productive ideas anyone?

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