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How do I get Windows Media Player Back?

By ahoward ·
Sometime between the updates from WMP 9 to WMP10, WMP started acting strangely. So, I backed down to WMP 9, using system restore and it worked again. When I again allowed updates to update to WMP 10, it worked for a while, and then stopped.
Now, I cannot get it to work again, nor can I even get it installed again.
Somehow, it seems Windows no longer recognizes that WMP is a valid Windows application!
Using DirectX diagnostics, I get this:

The file qasf.dll is missing!
You should reinstall DirectX to get the latest version.

When I try to re-install WMP, I get this:

SETUP was unable to load the master information file.

Followed by:

The application could not be initialized.

These things happen even when I got to Add/Remove and try to Add/Remove Windows XP Components - specifically, WMP, but now ay components.

Have any of you experienced this, or heard of this and, if so, what is the solution, or work-around? I'm at the cusp of wiping the system and starting clean, but have so many apps and so much on the system that I would love not to have to do that, if possible.

Thank you all, for any help you can offer.

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by Oz_Media In reply to How do I get Windows Medi ...

Sounds like registry/system file corruption.

Roll back your system and leave WMP9 in place for now if it works. Only update stuff when it doesn't work.

Then Click Start RUN and type SFC.EXE /SCANNOW (don't forget to leave a space between sfc.exe and /scannow) to have the system run a system file check, it will scan and restore any damaged or corrupted System files (you will need the CD or path to the install files for XP if stored on a hard drive partition).

I would recommend, updating device drivers, Video Card especially, sound card etc. Update your BIOS from the manufacturers site.

Install AVG FREE antivirus and update it, and run a scan.

Also install Adaware to remove malicious content, trojans, ads, spyware etc.

Free tools that save problems.

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by ahoward In reply to

Unfortunatley, my system will not allow me to use restore to go back to WMP 9 any more. Every thing I try to revert, it says it cannot go back there any more.
I'm stuck at this level, completely.
I do use AdAware, and have used it religiously for years now, and it didn't help in this case.
Also I use NAV (2005) and keep my signatures up to date. Again, nothing has appeared as being a virus or other type of problem.
I've also got Microsoft's test version of AntiSpyware running nightly and it hasn't found anything - even though it is not as thorough as AdAware.
Thank you for your suggestions,
Note - the unacceptable rating is not a bad thing - this just did not help - yet. They don't give but two types of ratings and I can't say acceptable yet. Please forgive me for this.

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by cp7212 In reply to How do I get Windows Medi ...

I agree with Oz's registry comment. But if you are familiar with the registry, back it up, and go to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE > SOFTWARE > MICROSOFT > MEDIAPLAYER and there should be keys with the versions of Media Player. These keys hold the registrations of each version.

If you were to delete the key that is labeled 10.0, you would wipe out your registration info for that version and Windows should not recognize it, allowing you to re-install.

Personally, I tried 10.0 and I didn't like it at all. Good luck.

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by ahoward In reply to

While it sounds like a good idea - y0our suggestion to wipe WMP 10.0's registry key - this problem appears to be a system registry problem,not just one for WMP.
I'm goig to run Oz's suggestion for system file checker fromt he command like as he recommends, and see if that helps after, of course making a copy of the registry.
Didn't there used to be a "secret" or "hidden" copy of the registry somewhere, for just this kind of problem?
Way back in @in 95 and up to ME, there used to be a copy in the root that when restored to the proper location under WINNT or WINDOWS, would bring things back to an earlier state?
Whatever happened to that kind of magic <g>?
Thank you very much,
Note - the unacceptable rating is not a bad thing - this just did not help - yet. They don't give but two types of ratings and I can't say acceptable yet. Please forgive me for this.

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by ahoward In reply to How do I get Windows Medi ...

BTW, this is what the three registered levels of Media Player look like, in the Registry:






I hope this helps.

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by ahoward In reply to How do I get Windows Medi ...

Next time, I promise to use a spell checker and reread my postings; they were simply too full of ... misspellings and other typos for which I have no excuse.
I do thank you both for your suggestions and will follow as many as possible, with the hopes that you might have other ideas on how to resolve this situation, before I simply wipe clean and re-build.
I did contact HP to see if they could tell me whether their hidden partition-based rebuild was destructive or non-destructive; they said they couldn?t be sure. So, if I were to use their re-build, I might end up wiping everything clean, as opposed to simply rebuilding Win XP Pro.
One other question ? would you think that using Windows XP Media Center Edition SP2 as an ?upgrade? to XP Pro, SP2, would place an intact Registry on my system?
I know ? the thing we don?t want to do is use an upgrade to solve deep problems, but I?m simply too lazy to reinstall all the things on this beastie ? 131 separate subdirectories under Program Files, from A to Z (A1 Client to Zinio) and who knows how many sub-directories under those? For example, there are 19 separate Microsoft related subdirectories, one of which is Office, and you know how many subs are under that one alone ?
Again, many thanks, for your time and thoughts.

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