How do I get XP to detect my mouse/keyboard?

By ineededausername ·
Hi, thanks for your attention to my question.
I recently bought a new PC, and rather than transferring all my files manually, I simply moved my old hard drive into the new computer. The OSes (I dual-boot XP and Server 2008 R2) boot fine, but XP will not detect my mouse and keyboard at the login screen. The mouse and keyboard both have power; XP simply does not respond to my clicks/keystrokes. I tried plugging in a PS/2 keyboard but that doesn't work either. XP just refuses to recognize any input devices.
It'd be a real shame if I had to reinstall just because my keyboard/mouse weren't recognized... is there a way to fix this problem without logging into XP?


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Simple answer is

by OH Smeg In reply to How do I get XP to detect ...

No there is not a Simple Answer here.

You can not move a HDD from one system to another and have it work with any Windows OS. The only way to move a working HDD is to fit it to exactly the same Hardware which in effect is the same computer for most people.

Windows builds the HAL.DLL File which is a Hardware Abstraction Layer Dynamic Link Library which just means that it builds a list of the Hardware that it is installed on and it needs that to work. When you add a HDD to a different system there is a Different Hardware Abstraction Layer required which means effectively that you have the wrong drivers present so they do not work with your new Hardware.

However if you refit the HDD tot he Original System you can use the Data Transfer Wizard in XP to move your Data & Settings to the new system.

If you where not Dual Booting you could try a Repair Install of XP by following the directions in Method 2 here

But the Dual Booting sort of messes up the Boot Process for the Repair option which would add the required HAL.DLL.


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Reponse To Answer

by ineededausername In reply to Simple answer is

Actually my Server 2008 R2 works perfectly fine (after the installation of some drivers) after moving the hard drive over. Note that though I had to install some drivers, it still detected my mouse and keyboard. XP also boots to the login screen but I cannot move the mouse or type.

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YEP that's correct

by OH Smeg In reply to How do I get XP to detect ...

You need the Mouse & Keyboard Drivers and to get those you need to alter the HAL.DLL File.

If there wasn't a Dual Boot involved I would just say do a Repair Install as per the above link that I posted but because there is a Dual Boot Option that will not work.

If you want to mess around you can try something like the Ultimate Boot CD available free here but owing to the configuration here I doubt it will be of much use to you.

If XP was the last OS installed a Repair Install may work but it will most defiantly not work if XP was the First OS installed here.


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