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how do i go to study

By ogwonu74 ·
intel celeron 667mhz

to be mcse certified by November.

no prior experience with windows
2000(pro & server)

no experience with winnt 4
(workstation& server)
reason: i work in a mac environment
can't afford classes(tight budget)
how do i go about realising my
what do i do?

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Just do it

by ily In reply to how do i go to study

Well i do think that you should just start but also that you should propably get yourself an extra PC since you will encounter situations where you will need to test communication between to machines (Active Dir and Networking Infrastructure)
Go tocourses, i know that they are expencive but if you get on a good one you will get more out of the teachers experience than any book can tell you.
Get a book, Mark Minasis Mastering Windows 2000 Server is excelent, and MS press Training Kits are great too (use them both)
Do all the exercises in the books, and do them again if you dont understand them
Use newsgroups.
And finish up with Braindumps on the internet and read up on all the weak spots.
Go to the tests

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OK.... it sounds like me...

by Kima In reply to how do i go to study


My budget is also tight, so this is what I do, I have a home base network with 5 computer, a hub and a switch box, On them I have installed Windows NT Server & Workstation 4.0, Windows 2000 Professional & Advance Server, FreeBSD, and Corel UNIX for training purposes on the other hand I also have lots of software I get FREE from the Internet or from friends. Gather all computers Pentium I 133 or 166 with 48MB will do for the older versions of Windows such as NT and use the latest one you have for Windows 2000

So this is what you should do if you are really interested.. Go to any search engine such as or and do a search on "MCSE Tutorials" this will bring up lots of sites that offer FREE tutorials on MCSE or easier yet, you can e-mail me and I could send you some material on CD that contains electronic books....

Remember KNOWLEDGE IS POWER and you don't have to go to school to get it, all you need is SELF-MOTIVATION to learn and implement new things.....unfortunadly employeers don't see it that way.

But hey each certification is $100 dollars, I'm myself getting ready to start getting them because employeers don't seem to be happy unless you have a stupid piece of paper saying hey I pay and I pass which means nothing. Trust me, I work part-time in a school that teaches MCSE and there are no pre-requirements. If you are really interested in getting a job in IT you have to learn many aspects of it not just a particular OS and the Administration, there are much more things involved when you are an Administrator for a Network....

Just let me know what you decide....


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Home Network

by Shanghai Sam In reply to how do i go to study

Upgrade your RAM to 128MB at least, get a copy of W2K server (MS offers an evaluation copy) go to:

Get a workstation or two, a pentium 100 will do -they're cheap- , get a hub and set up a network. Do OS installs, server promotion and demotion, play around with it... DNS, subnets, Active directory, File and printer sharing, security, GPO's etc..

Visit some study sites,, even good ol' Tech Republic.

Dive in and have fun. The important thing is to get your hands dirty. The November target may be a bit ambitious (I'm shooting for December and I've been at it since March) but hey, it's good to have goals.

Good luck

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