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How do I install a printer on NT 4.0?

By scage ·

I was trying to install a Lexmark Optra T614 today on our NT 4.0 PDC server. The printer will be used by users on our NT terminal 4.0 server. I couldn't get it to install. I could ping it by name and IP address but I kept having problems after I clicked "add printer". None of my attempts seemed to work and even when it did I was unable to print. The print job would sit in the cue. Whats the steps to install a printer?

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more detail

by djent In reply to How do I install a print ...

We need more detail about what you are doing to install and where you are installing. Does the printer have ethernet IF or parallel, did you share it, did you connect from another machine, can you do a test print from the server, can you see the printer in network neighborhood?

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get new driver

by glyall In reply to more detail

You need to first download the driver for the printer. Go to and select the shortcut for: Drivers & downloads. Then select the language you need. Then enter the print type you need. You will have to answer their questions to get the driver the you need.

Good Luck

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by scage In reply to more detail

I tried installing on the PDC and our terminal server both NT 4.0. The printer is on the network with a TCP/IP address which I can ping. No sure on the ethernet or parallel question. I shared it. It gave the impression it printed but physically it didnt. I saw it go to the queue and dissapear. Yes I have seen it in the network neighborhood.

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Installing a printer on NT4

by mrgc In reply to How do I install a print ...

The way that I install a printer on NT4 terminal server is as follows:
From ADD PRINTER select the connection as MY COMPUTER.
Give it a name (I use the IP address followed by :RAW)
Once the port is added you can install the printer driver. If you have a new driver or disc with the driver on select HAVE DISC.
This should install your driver, then send a test page to the printer to make sure it works.
Depending on how your users logon you many need to Share the printer.

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by scage In reply to Installing a printer on N ...

Tried the add Local Port and installed the drivers but it didn't work. I sent a test page and it appeared to work given the message that it had printed but it never physically printed.

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by djent In reply to

Now try a different printer on the same machine/cable/process, if it works you have a printer or driver problem.

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Got it to work

by scage In reply to How do I install a print ...

I got it to work by selecting "Lexmark ??????? Port? I think its installed from the Lexmark driver cd. Anyway Selecting that port and adding the printers ip in the Printer Manager window was the ticket. Funny how many different procedures are out there just to get a printer installed on NT.

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