how do i install xp home on an hdd in an enclosure

By hdhntrs ·
i have a sony vaio p3 with xp home it crashed i formatted and it wont let me boot from cd even through the bios or usb(no option)

so i bought an enclosure and cant install windows to it , on first restart of install a blue screen tells me windows startup program doesn't recognize the drive in the enclosure and i need special software(doesn't tell me what software)

so i found a tutorial telling me to install dos 7.1 on the disk using a 44 to40 pin adapter (which i don't have) and then copy the file i386 from the windows disk and run setup from dos.

i cant figure out to install dos to the drive from the enclosure

so any help on this would be great

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What kind of XP Home have you got?

by Peconet Tietokoneet In reply to how do i install xp home ...

What i mean by that is, Is it (was it) already installed on the system when you bought it?
If so then sometimes you will have to install a floppy (dos) before you install the disk in question, and that seams what the system is asking for. Have you got ALL the disks when you bought the system? If so then the FIRST disk would be called "Setup disk", this would be either on a floppy or cd. Once you have installed this it will ask you for the other disks in question.

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by hdhntrs In reply to What kind of XP Home have ...

since sony doesn't supply restore disks and this computer is used and i didn't know to create restore disks before i formatted all i have is an iso windows home i don't even know what sp it is

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do not want to support corporate redundancy

by hdhntrs In reply to Ok, here are a few sites ...

really all i need to know is

what is this special software windows setup refers to and

how do i install dos to a removable disk

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Is your ISO Windows bootable?

by Peconet Tietokoneet In reply to do not want to support co ...
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by hdhntrs In reply to Is your ISO Windows boota ...

yes it works fine in the desktop but the sony will not boot from cd even though it is set first in bios also there is no option to boot from usb

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hdd enclosure

by hdhntrs In reply to yes

anyway i would like to use this enclosure that i have install dos to the hdd and the run win setup from dos

thats about the best way ive seen anyway i just cant figure out how to install dos to the hdd in the enclosure

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That is strange..

by Peconet Tietokoneet In reply to yes

Usually you could just install the disk and just run it.

I can on my laptop, but then i do not go for Sony products.
Tell me, does the disk spin in the cd/dvd drive?

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Your best bet is to get the drivers for your laptop..

by Peconet Tietokoneet In reply to how do i install xp home ...

Once you have the drivers disk then it just might work for you.

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Back up, let's clarify a few things

by IC-IT In reply to how do i install xp home ...

The CD with the ISO will boot up on the desktop or you can run it from the desktop?

If you can only run it, then you need to double click the ISO. Your CD burning software should open and create a bootable CD for you. Then you can try to boot from that CD and install XP normally (i.e. with the hard drive in it's normal bay on the P3.

To install a DOS partition, then copy XP, then install from DOS, you should download a bootdisk with win98SE. Try here;


Fdisk your drive creating a small FAT32 partition (at least 2GB).
Boot with the newly created Win98SE floppy and type this command;
sys c:
Copy over the contents of your XP CD.
Download and copy the smartdrv.exe file to the c
Run smartdrv.exe first (it will save you hours of install time).
then run the winnt.exe
let the install do a full NTFS partition on the currently unallocated space.

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