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    How do I integrate windows devices into a chromebook environment smoothly?

    by atcraiger ·

    I am a new IT director for a small school, and the majority of devices are chromebooks being managed with GSuite and GoGuardian for filtering and monitoring activity. This system works well enough.

    However, we now have 22 windows 10 laptops that are going to be used for a few classes. These laptops are currently Windows 10 Home, gaming laptops.

    I would like for students to be able to grab a device, use their gmail login and passwords, and sign into their windows device. While using it, I would like to be able to monitor their screens, filter which websites they can visit via whitelist, and restrict installation of new software. They will require some applications such as Blender, GameMaker Studio, and a few others, so the ability to allow specific programs from a dashboard would be helpful.

    We don’t have an active directory or server right now. I am not opposed to setting up an AD, the old school way, or using Azure AD, but from my tinkering around, I’m unable to manage and control logins with Azure AD.

    What would you recommend for me? Is there a way to set up these devices how I would like? I don’t have any experience managing windows devices, and only a little with GSuite, so please be specific in your suggestions.

    Thank you.

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