How do I join NT4 Server and Netware 5.0?

By meg.m.rose ·
I'm working on a project for school and we have to configure a Windows NT4 server and a Netware 5.0 server and we are looking for any possible insight on how to either build a trust between the two systems or connect them to the same domain.
The current both are set with the same domain of table1.local and while they can ping one another, we need to attach the two systems. Anyone have any possible solutions we could try?

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You can't easily.

by cmiller5400 In reply to How do I join NT4 Server ...

You are talking apples and oranges. You can't join a Netware server to a Windows domain. You may be able to set up some sort of LDAP between the two, but I doubt that NT4 supports it (well easily that is).

You need to install the Netware Client on the NT4 server to access the Novell server or set up CIFS on the server if version 5 supports it. But that still leaves you with two NOS's to set up account's on unless you get LDAP or some other directory services running.

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