How do I know if my Inernet provider is blocking a specific web page?

By arit_elsalvador ·
I am making this question because other users who have other internet providers do not have this problem with the following web page:www.testimonios de un Many people who have internet service with TELECOM have this inconvenience. I have talked with some people about my problem but it seems to me that they all have ignored this issue. Are they violating the contract or agreement? My country is El salvador.
I will really appreciate any answer.

Tomas Rodriguez

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Couple of things

by seanferd In reply to How do I know if my Inern ...

What happens? Do you get an error? Does it just time out or never load?

First, if the address you gave is as you enter it into the browser, try

The nameservers for this site are in Paraguay - perhaps there is some network trouble between Paraguay and El Salvador on some route.

As this domain has it's own IP address, try this

You can also try these tests at the (Windows)command line if the links do not work:


(Note the trailing dot.)

"Are they violating the contract or agreement?"
That depends on what you agreed to. You's have to check your terms Of Service for that. It would also depend on whether they are actually blocking anything, and I see no obvious reports that CTE does such.

CTE Telecom El Salvador is the ISP?

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When exactly did you have your Close Encounter ?...

by OldER Mycroft In reply to How do I know if my Inern ...

I'd be less of a skeptic if the site you are being 'blocked' from accessing wasn't such a lot of Angels&Aliens mumbo-jumbo.

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DNS block

by maclovin In reply to How do I know if my Inern ...

Easiest way for them to block is to just block the domain on their content filter. so, say they may be blocking "". Easiest way to tell is by pinging "" if you cannot resolve the host, that means your ISPs DNS is normally not "able" to translate the's how I do much of my site blocking on my DNS server at work.

They could also put in a fake entry to their DNS server say for to go to say, which, of course, you'll be unable to resolve to in most cases which returns an error in your browser, and no response from pinging.

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Ping is unreliable.

by seanferd In reply to DNS block

A lot of servers will not respond, even if you can connect to them normally, so it is not a reliable diagnostic.

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