How do I know if my internet speed is good?

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I recently moved and have found that the internet provided by my landlord causes my videos to buffer. A lot. So I ran two different internet speed tests tonight within minutes of each other (close to 3 am) - one from my ISP's site and an independent one. The former said I had a download speed of 2.08 Mbps and upload speed of 0.50 Mbps (Ping 47 ms.) With the latter my result was 0.86 Mbps and 0.49 Mbps (Ping 57 ms). Neither of the two sites explained what these results meant for me, neither could I find a site that could give me a range of good/bad speeds. Can someone explain this for me? I'm clueless.

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Well for starters I suppose

by OH Smeg In reply to How do I know if my inter ...

You should look at your ISP's Contract and see what you are paying for.

As to the download speed this depends on the type of Internet Connection you have and the speed of the Internal LAN either could be the limiting factor here.

Typically Upload Speeds are much slower than download speeds unless you pay your ISP for increased Upload Speeds. However saying that all ISP Speeds depend on how much Traffic is running through that ISP at the time and this can vary drastically during different hours or days even.


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In addition to

by a_vagga In reply to How do I know if my inter ...

What OH mentioned earlier in his/her reply.... I am assuming you did the internet speed test on your Wi-Fi .... hence one important check you should do is check the internet speed test with ethernet cable and without (Wi-Fi) ...... if you see significant variation then there is an issue with the wireless router.... recently I was getting only 0.9 Mbps download speed on Wi-Fi- and with Ethernet it was in the range of 20-25 Mbps .... that's huge variation.... I contacted my ISP... they replaced the rental router that they provide... nothing changed ... after lot of frustrating time I went ahead and bought my own Wi-Fi cable modem gateway router.... and now I get 10 Mbps on Wi-Fi .... I've since then returned the rental router to the ISP... hope this helps...

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