how do i know what graphic card to upgrade to?

By bigherb_98 ·
upgrading my graphics card?

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Tell us what your current card is

by Slayer_ In reply to how do i know what graphi ...

Specifically, power consumption and bus type are the most important factors.
There are 3 common bus types, PCI (1998 and older) AGP (2004 and older) and PCI-E (current).

And as far as power consumption, we need to know what your power supply is capable of. If you are unsure, if you can tell us the brand and model of your computer, we can search it on google.

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Start with your bus type

by DMambo In reply to Tell us what your current ...

As Sinister mentioned, determine the bus type, then shop around and review the system requirements of the cards of that type and ensure that your system meets those requirements. Follow the installation directions carefully as Windows can sometimes surprise you when installing a new card on a system with an integrated graphics port.

Before any of this ask yourself what your needs are. Are you trying to support a 2nd monitor or is gaming a big part of your needs or do you just have an app that needs more graphics capability than your old card can handle? This will help determine how much memory and processing capability you will need in the new card (which will impact the cost significantly.)

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more info please

by SystemCheck In reply to how do i know what graphi ...

what type of board do you have, what OS, what do you want to use it for, and how much you willing to spend.

for instance i have vista 64 and i just bought a 1gb xfx gts 250 for $160

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