How do I link an outside server to MS SQL 2005 server?

By CC3p0 ·
I have a server that I need to link to an SQL server so employees can run reports through the report manager on the web interface. At one point the two servers were linked and working, but now I am missing several of my tables, views, etc. I'm running MS SQL Server 2005. I have been collecting a bunch of nightmares while trying to fix this problem in the Microsoft Server Management Studio. The outside server should be able to connect to SQL through an ODBC provider. I can't figure out what I am doing wrong, any help would be greatly appreciated?

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To begin with

by robo_dev In reply to How do I link an outside ...

You say you are missing some tables and views from the database?

If that's the case, then perhaps your database is totally hosed. Or do you mean that the application can no longer query certain tables or forms correctly?

Can you connect via ODBC to the database yourself?

Can you perform some of the same queries manually?

What is the 'other server'? Is this a web server, Crystal Reports, ???

Assuming that the server uses a standard SQL user account to connect to the database, the question would be if something is wrong with that account... such as if someone deleted that account from the server, or the account login credentials have changed.

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To begin with...

by CC3p0 In reply to To begin with

I just fixed the table and views, query, etc. issue and yes you are correct it was a problem with query execution for the dataset.
I guess what I really need to be able to do is have the SQL server replicate our current production server. Our production server is unix based and our database software is a medical software called CMHC.
Everything on the SQL server seems to be okay now, except for the connection to CMHC.

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Replication would help

by robo_dev In reply to To begin with...

As someone who does security testing on database servers, the first thing to check is if the account used for the application login is locked out.

Of course if that account has been deleted, that's another issue altogether.

Sometimes a sloppy application will leave it's DB connections open, slowing the DB to a crawl as the server memory gets used up.

I freely admit to cheesing-off my DBAs when i run a script against their server and lock-out an account used by an app since the script was testing for blank or obvious passwords.

For SQL server, the dos utility called OSQL.exe will let you mimic the application login to the SQL server in a couple of seconds.

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