How do I list only Programming questions?

By MadestroITSolutions ·
I used to answer questions in the programming area and get points for it on the old Tech Republic design. Now I cannot find anything. Even the terminology has changed. How can I get a list of programming questions so I can continue answering them?

What's with this TAG crap?

You have no idea of how much I hate this annoying design. Tech Republic lost me as a daily reader because of it. Now I want to get back into it but I can't find anything here...

Any help appreciated.

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Join the club

by Shellbot In reply to How do I list only Progra ...

A lot of us spend a lot less time on TR.

I've given up trying to answer any questions. Most people actually post them in the Discussions anyways..they very few i have answered, i got no thanks, no thumbs up..

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Glad to hear I am not alone....

by MadestroITSolutions In reply to Join the club

Besides, you are right. The line between discussions and questions has been blurred...

Apparently points are as important to you as they are for me....

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by Shellbot In reply to Glad to hear I am not alo ...

not that points are important to me, but when i joined up i really wasn't skilled to answer most, and the ones i could, someone always beat me to it!
But now that I'm a bit more knowledgable it woul dbe nice to get a thumbs up..i haven't got one yet, despite helping several people.
so..i've kinda stopped. a lot of them are not following the "protocol", put the Q's in discussions, and if you do help them out, they then private message you asking for you to do thier homework..
delete is my most fav button in my email now..


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How to list programming questions

by Beth Blakely In reply to How do I list only Progra ...

On the Forums page, click the Browse tab. Click programming. On the right hand side, filter by Questions. Ta da! All questions about programming.

This link should do it, too:

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I see, but still not an intuitive design and where are my points?

by MadestroITSolutions In reply to How to list programming q ...

Thank you Beth. I appreciate your response. Very helpful. However, I should not need somebody to tell me how to get to them. It should be intuitive.

I still think it is an ackward design, and where did my points go?... I had over 20K points accumulated from answering questions but I don't see them anymore.

Not to count all the advertising horribly cluttering the pages everywhere and all these popup crap that keeps blocking the views with no apparent close button.... The ads sometimes display incorrectly and block things without me being able to get rid of them...

I understand they need to make money, but not at the expense of customer satisfaction...

Am I making sense here?

Thanks again!

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TechPoints, etc.

by Beth Blakely In reply to I see, but still not an i ...

TechPoints were discontinued when we launched our new design last October. The new system is getting at least twice the participation as its former iteration. Your TechPoints did not disappear. They were converted to "helpful" answers as explained here:

For more on this topic, consider this blog post by our Trivia Geek, Jay Garmon:

You may also find this thread about the redesign interesting:

Your points about advertising make sense. It's well-covered territory here at TechRepublic. If you discover an ad that's misbehaving, post about it or send me an email and I'll report it to the ad teams.

If you want to read more about TR's redesign, improvements, etc., you can check out these threads:

Thanks for your feedback.

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Thanks again, very useful information

by MadestroITSolutions In reply to TechPoints, etc.

Thank you once again Beth. By the way I didn't realize you are part of Tech Republic. Even better though, if you know what I mean... lol.

In any event, after following the links provided I can see how the site has been improved. I understand the reasoning behind the new system and design.

I still have issues with these two things though:

- Communication
Evidently not enough effort was put to properly communicate all users about the changes in the looks and inner workings of TR (or at least I never knew about it until I found myself in a new website one day).

- Design
I still think the old design was better and more intuitive. Granted, all sites are bound to change with time, but that doesn't mean they need to get harder to use. Again, I understand the need to generate revenue from ads, but the overall distribution of things in the screens is just not right, at least from my perspective.

For example, the "Browse By Tag" area appears all the way at the bottom, after my information and some ads. This is the very reason why I could not find it before. In my mind it should be available right away to avoid confusion.

I believe in a "simple, intuitive, easy to use and to the point" approach.

Yeah yeah, call me old school... lol, but I just don't like cluttering screens with all sorts of things that may not even be of interest for me...

Anyways, I hope you take this as constructive criticism. My intention is to voice out my opinion as a Sr. Web Developer so that things can get better for our beloved site!

Thank you!

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while on topic of design. . .

by huoml In reply to Thanks again, very useful ...

couple of things that I think might be useful are

Navigation link on the top of the Q/A where is says post x of y and report as spam line.
I have seen many times people responding to Q would rant on totally another topic and is a long post. One will have to scroll down to get to 'Next' option.

and another is :
I would like to see more than one answer listed on the Q.
I have spent more time waiting for 'Next' answers to be displayed then reading the answer. May be 5 or 10 answers, each with its own 'post reply' and 'helpful' action, would help in reading answers.

Getting one answer at a time probably puts more load on web server then getting back 5/10 answers at one time.

Oh well, just my pet-peeves.

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Communication, and question for Ms. Beth

by CharlieSpencer In reply to Thanks again, very useful ...

I'm not sure how you missed all the redesign postings. Late last summer and early fall the staff put up several discussions on the subject. They covered discontinuing member blogs, converting the points to "Helpfuls", etc. I cashed in my points for a Bamboo Steamer and an set of Ginsu knives :-)

Hey Beth, if you're still monitoring this thread, where did the "Show All" go, the ones that used to be at the bottom of "All Discussions" and "All Questions"?

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Show all

by Beth Blakely In reply to Communication, and questi ...

Regarding the show all link, a rash of spring break absences has prevented that question from being answered, but I'll find out today.

Do those Ginsu knives really cut through tin cans?

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