How do I log in to Server 2003 workgroup

By adedayoo ·
I got an error message "failed relationship"while lgging on to my Server 2003 on my network. So I decided to remove the server from the domain and then add it back. When I removed from domain to workgroup, I could not log on to the workgroup. How do I go about this please?

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by NexS In reply to How do I log in to Server ...

You try and log onto the local machine, using a local acount?
If you try and use your network account and the domain does not exist for that particular machine, then you will have better luck getting blood from a stone.

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How do I log in to Server 2003 workgroup

by adedayoo In reply to Did

I have tried logging on with Administrator and the password but for some reasons,it says i should check my username and password. I have checked and confirm this several imes but t no avail. Help!!!

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Repair SAM Database

by thesavo In reply to How do I log in to Server ...

Since this machine is no longer in a domain, you need to log in with a LOCAL administrator account. I take it you tried that. If it will not accept (you remember) the correct Local admin password, you will need to repair the SAM database. You can run the install disc again, and perform a 'REPAIR' Installation. This will delete (config remains) and reinstall system files. It will NOT ask for a new password. But you can@ GUI setup (after Blue Text mode) hold SHIFT + F10. This will bring up a Command console.
While you are in GUI setup, you are actually logged in as the administrator. Using the console command 'NET USER [Username] [Password]? replace the [.] items with what ever account and your NEW password to be.
Once the machine reboots, login with password. You can try 'Control userpasswords2' or 'control userpasswords'. Or MMC (computer management). I have never used them in GUI setup.
Good luck - Remember You perform these operation at your own risk. Perform a Full Drive Backup FIRST!!!

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by NexS In reply to Repair SAM Database

That sounds a bit dodgey... Don't offer ways of cracking passwords.

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RE: How do I log in to Server 2003 workgroup

by soofimra In reply to How do I log in to Server ...

Can you give exact error pop up while try to login server 2003?

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