How do I make a HD bootable? Its in an HD enclosure.

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I have a laptop with no cdrom or floppy. I am trying to copy the windows installation files to the HD and make it bootable so I can install windows from a small partition on the drive onto a larger one. I have the small partition formatted Fat32 but I can't make it bootable with the format utility. How can I make it bootable? What can I do to get XP installed?

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You can't this requires a Boot Loader to do

by OH Smeg In reply to How do I make a HD bootab ...

Assuming this is one of the Net Books that are currently being sold loaded with Linux you need to copy the Windows XP Home install Files to the Root of a USB Floppy and set the BIOS to boot from the USB before the HDD.

To copy to the Root of anything this means not to insert the Files in a Folder you just copy them to the HDD Partition or the USB Drive.

Both methods should result in a Bootable Install Files though in the case of coping them to the FAT32 Partition on the HDD every time you boot you will be prompted to install the OS again. It's much simpler to copy them to a USB Thumb Drive and install from there. :)


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