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    How do I make DuckDuckGo show search results in a pop up?


    by tyeberg73 ·


    Hi, in Google search engine, if I type a search then it shows glimpses of the search results, like when I type ‘what is the fastest car in the world’ it shows a glimpse of a website saying this and this .

    But in DuckDuckGo it just shows the headings of websites followed by a description and the only way to find searches is by going to that particular site.

    Is there a way to personalise DuckDuckGo?

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      there is something, but

      by macdaemon ·

      In reply to How do I make DuckDuckGo show search results in a pop up?

      Well, DuckDuckGo does indeed provide personalization at Despite offering a lot of UI changes (like colors, fonts, etc), I did not find anything that might make what you’re asking for possible. It seems to be a matter of design.
      Pity, that’s be cool.

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        didn’t work completely

        by tyeberg73 ·

        In reply to there is something, but

        Hi, in I truned on instant answers, but when I search for something like, define this and that, it shows the definition only for some words. Maybe duckduckgo can’t be personlised as it’s a private search engine?

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