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How do I make it stop?!!

By who-me ·
Sorry if this question is perhaps a bit off topic, but it's definetly e-mail related (and TechRepublic related).

I signed up to become a TechRepublic member a couple of months back and checked off a few of the boxes relating to which topics I'd like to receive e-mail about. I was fully expecting to receive a few e-mails from time to time from TechRepublic, but good lord!! My Inbox is almost completely monopolized with tons and tons of messages from TechRepublic! There are so many that I really don't even have time to cull through them all because there are way too many so I just delete them all. I really hate to report TechRepublic to my ISP as a spammer because they would begin block all their messages. I've checked my TechRepublic profile to see if there's some place to turn these e-mail options off, but can't find anything. How could an organization that preaches against the evils of spam participate in spamming themselves? Help!

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by TheChas In reply to How do I make it stop?!!

I think what you checked was a list of newsletters.

Some of the TR newsletters come once a week, others every weekday.

Log into TR.

Click on the Newsletters link.

Uncheck those that you do not want to receive.

Click the update button.


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by TheChas In reply to

I just noticed that there is a link near the bottom of the newsletter page to be removed from TR mailings.


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by who-me In reply to

I'll give that a try. Thanks a bunch, Chas!

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by who-me In reply to How do I make it stop?!!

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