How do I make my computer load windows or even just get to a cammand promp?

By Irish7022 ·
My computer crashed about two weeks ago. what happenes is I go to boot it up and get the boot up options. none of the work. if i try to boot in safe mode the computer freezes while trying to load AVG86. If i boot normal the computer goes straight to a black screen after the HP logo. I can get into the bios ok.
If i boot from CD with the HP recovery disk and go to Recovery console I can get to where it asks what system i was to login to or something...I press one for windowsxp... but it freezes after that. no matter what i try I can't get to a command prompt. I'm out of ideas.
I am not worried about saving anything on the laptop. I just want it to work right. It was given to me and already messed up when I got it. so if I can ever figure it out I am definitly game for a full reformat.
Oh yeah, its an HP Pavilion 8110US...Windows XP Home Edition...If any one can help PLLLEEASSSEE ....thank you so much!

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If you don't care...

by cmiller5400 In reply to How do I make my computer ...

If you don't care about the data on the PC then use the recovery disk to wipe the drive and start over. Don't choose the recovery console option. There should be an option to "restore to factory defaults".

Best of luck!!

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Get ERD Commander

by kmdennis In reply to If you don't care...

It seems as though the data is important to you. You can proceed in many ways. Use a linux live CD to boot the computer and some will let you mount the drives. You can then copy your files to a USB and then use the recovery disk to get the computer back to normal. Or you could get ERD Commander which would be a sweet tool for almost any repair. I don't know the current cost but I used it a company I worked for a while ago. Also you could delete ALL the AVG files from the hard drive when you use a rescue disk and that will prevent the services from starting the AVG or wahtever that application is that is freezing your computer. It must be really corrupt that it cannot boot to safe mode. Also you could use the Linux CD to access the boot file and modify it so the computer will bot directly into safe mode. ( I don't have a modified one, but you can set another computer to boot to safe mode then copy that boot file over to the existing one and reboot with the new boot file and from there you can access it in safe mode and disable the AVG or remove if possible.

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If you dont care...

by Snuffy09 In reply to How do I make my computer ...

then format and reinstall XP...

something tells me its not going to be that easy or you would have already done that?

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