How do I make my Vivicam 3695 flash on pics?

By JADavis9 ·
Ok, Santee ..... here's another question that you can pound me for asking (like you've done to me in the past).
I just dug my Vivitar Vivicam 3695 out of a drawer and put 2 "AA" batteries in it. I think they're pretty fresh batteries, although they are rechargeables, so I'm not positive. I can take a pic but the flash doesn't ever flash. I've tried to figure out how to turn on the flash and I found on their site's Specs tab at that it has Auto Flash and there must be a Flash Off setting since it mentions Flash Off. So is my Flash Off? I don't know how to tell or turn it back on.
But I have played with the camera and it doesn't flash when I take a pic in a dark closet and I have played with the buttons and went to Menu and I also swirled a round Mode disc that has 4 icons that are: SET, a video cam, a green >, a cam icon.
I'm clueless! What should I do to get it to flash? Any ideas?

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so i have to ask

by PurpleSkys In reply to How do I make my Vivicam ...

are the batteries fully charged? is the camera able to take rechargables? have you tried a new, different set of batteries (which is what i would have attempted first)?

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Reponse To Answer

by JADavis9 In reply to so i have to ask

I did fully charge the batteries and we've always used rechargeable in it. The camera will take nice pics if there is plenty of light in the area. I just won't do a flash. And my son just told me that it won't take videos at all either, for some reason. So maybe the thing is broken inside?

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Your answer is on Page 9 of the user manual

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to How do I make my Vivicam ...

If you no longer have the manual you can look or download it from here.

The full directions are as follows but the images that accompany them will most likely be missing. :0

3-7 Flash Button
? The flash button only works in the Record Mode.
Press this button to select the desired flash mode. There are
three flash modes:
Automatic, Auto with Red-eye reduction, Off.

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got the Flash to work, but still have 2 issues ....

by JADavis9 In reply to How do I make my Vivicam ...

I can take flash pics now by just turning the camera on and hitting the round multi-select button on the back side to the right and then wait until the flash charges up and a little red light stops pulsating on the back of the camera.
But there are two big issues that we haven't been able to figure out:
1. If I put it in Video mode by moving the Mode Dial to the movie camera icon, it doesn't seem to go into Video mode. It just seems to go into a Review Picture Mode and display pics from the memory.
2. If I put it in SET mode on that same dial, it seems to go into the same display as if you move that dial to Camera Mode and it doesn't give you a list to set anything and it says Zoom, Review and Flash at the bottom of the screen just like it does in Camera Mode.

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can someone help me get my ViviCam to record videos?

by JADavis9 In reply to How do I make my Vivicam ...

I asked this in my last posting in #1 and I still would like to figure out answers to 1 & 2! I don't think that the manual will help me with either issue and maybe my camera is just broken? It sure doesn't make any sense what I see when I move the Mode dial.

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Well if the directions in the manual are not working

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to How do I make my Vivicam ...

The unit is faulty. After all it should work as described in the manual.


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faulty camera?

by JADavis9 In reply to How do I make my Vivicam ...

I guess that I just hate to admit to myself that it is broken, but it sure appears to be. My son even told me that he figured out a long time ago tha it will take pics but not videos. I just thought that I could mess with it and make it work since it must just be a setting.
Oh well ..... I'm officially giving up on this one!

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