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How do I make our website working again

By josh05 ·
My case goes like this, I started working in this company not a very long time ago just some several months back.The company used to have a website that is no longer working (when you type the address in the internet exproler it returns a page can't be displayed window ) I prefer asking these questions in the forum ,what makes a website inactive like this ?.Also I know a bit of html which I think can be used in web development and it would be a personal accomplishment if I would revive the website to be working again.I'm not very conversant with web devp'nt and I would be very happy if someone gives the direction to follow in doing such a task or what I should be equiped with to do this. I dont want to bug the boss with questions ,they may look stupid you know!

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The hosting....

by LiamE In reply to How do I make our website ...

You will need to find out who hosted the website before and verify that the bills are still being paid.....

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Did anyone make changes to the site?

by jdclyde In reply to How do I make our website ...

When the site became unavailable, had someone just made a change?

Is it hosted internally or hosted off site?

The permissions of the directory or files may have changed.

Is there and index.html file in the working directory?

Is this an intranet or internet site? If you post the URL we could look at it.

What OS is it hosted on?

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by josh05 In reply to Did anyone make changes t ...

jdclyde,hosted internally or hosted offsite!I dont understand but its an internet site and as I had said earlier,I'm a newbe in this area so just excuse me. the url is www dot expresskenya dot com.

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by jdclyde In reply to

If you host your own web site, you will have a server physically sitting at your location that you own.

Off-site hosting is you are paying someone else to keep your files on their server.

It looks like your domain name expired, so nothing could be found.

Go back through the payables and look to find out who was hosting the site for you. It is most likely just a matter of starting to pay them again.

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expresskeny_dot_com is available...

by xdallen In reply to

Hello, josh05
I have gone to networksolutions_dot_com to check the availability of the domain you mentioned. It shows "available". It is clear the domain expired. Register it again at once or you may lose it.

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You can peer mail the index file to me

by Oz_Media In reply to How do I make our website ...

Assuming that the DOMAIN name is still registered and that the subscription has not expired (domainnames aren't forever, they need renewal).

Assuming that your host has been paid, they will usually host you site for a while after sending out dozens of renewal messages though, they don't like losing clients.

You can then send me your index.htm(l) file , ozmedia at, if you like and I will see if the code is dead or damaged.

I would suspect it is either an expired domain name, that hasn't been put back in the pool yet, or an expired Host.

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