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How do i map drive?

By iamjustthewayiam ·
(1) i am very unorganized,i can't keep up with where i've stored information .
(2)how do i defragement / add other volumes to be defragemented?

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by TheChas In reply to How do i map drive?

Usually, you only map a network drive that you store information on. If you are not connected to a network, there is no drive to map.

As to question 1: there are a number of file managers that offer help in keeping your files organized.
Check the listings at or

My best recommendation, is to create a specific set of folders and make sure that you store information in those folders.

2: Depends a bit on which version of Windows you are running.
For instance, Windows NT does not have a built-in defragment utility.

From the run box on the start menu, type in defrag and then click OK.

Or, Start/ Programs/ Accessories/ Utilities or System Tools.

Keep in mind that defragment only moves the pieces of your files on the hard drive so that all of the sectors that are part of the file are grouped together. It will not organize your files for you.


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by dean.ryan In reply to How do i map drive?

1) By 'map' a drive I assume you mean to index it, so you know where all your files are. If you are really that disorganised, try an archive database program such as "Broken Cross Disk Manager". YOu can then create a fast searchable index of your drive(s). Best way after that is to seach files by date modifed, newest first and move them all into logical folder names, so you can then remember where everything is. Then add new files to your new structure and STOP BEING SO DISORGANISED!!! :)

2) Depending on which version of windows you are running, try start/program/accessories/system tools - in Windows XP Disk Defragmenter is in there. Older systems such as 95/98 you can get defrag from the command line. Again, if you're really that disorganised, get a program which will defrag for you all the time in the background, and you can forget about it or schedule it for whenever you want to run automatically.

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