how do i market myself as a programmer?

By jairuskagondu ·
i have been doing some programming on my on as part time however i think its high time that i market my self and get something out of it while am an engineering student(taking electrical and communications).so how do i do this to my advantage .

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craig's list

by Snuffy09 In reply to how do i market myself as ...
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You need to visibly use it in anger

by Tony Hopkinson In reply to how do i market myself as ...

Programming and electrical is particularly useful in heavy industry, placement or internship would be good.

I've mentored a few electrical and mechanical engineers programming in my time. Useful fellows if they can get their heads round programming. Write off to a few local employers, see if they'll give you a project, you might even get paid!

You've got the right idea though, get some real world work done. Open source, voluntary, something, get some lines on your cv/resume.

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get involved in projects...

by wbinnsa In reply to how do i market myself as ...

Schools are the best place to get involve in projects, also on the web but if you want to start earning money join any of the freelance sites but more important get something done to show/present/prove that you know the programming language you're using.

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