How do I modify temp directory file deletion policy in Windows 2000?

By monkeyman ·
I've got W2K installs on a bunch of PCs, some clean installs and some W98 upgrades. On just 2 clean installs and 1 upgrade, all files in the Temp directory seem to be purged each time I open or close a program (any program). This is fine if one wants to quarantine the Temp directory for system use, but I'm in the habit of using that directory for other temporary stuff too. Regardless, it annoys me that it has happened on just those 3 PCs and I can't figure out why or what specific process or setting is responsible. I know that Explorer is invoking the delete process, but beyond that I'm blind. Can anyone suggest where I might look to try to modify this behaviour, ie, turn the dynamic Temp directory file deletion off? Thanks for any help.

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Have a look with gpedit

by seanferd In reply to How do I modify temp dire ...

in the Run box and hit enter. Look through the policy settings, probably in Local if these aren't on an AD domain. I don't have a Win2k box running at the moment myself, but you can check against the help files or Resource Kit, or websites with info on Win2k GP. e.g.,

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Looks like the problem doesn't relate to policies...

by monkeyman In reply to Have a look with gpedit

Hi Seanferd, thanks for your suggestion. I looked through the relevant info and was unable to pin down anything in the Group or Local Policies that might be causing Explorer to delete everything in the Temp folder each time a program or process starts / finishes. So I guess it must be some esoteric setting for Explorer buried away somewhere in the guts of the OS. Still beats me why it happens on just 3 PCs (2 clean installs and 1 a W98 upgrade) while about a dozen other similarly configured PCs don't exhibit this behaviour at all.

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Very strange

by seanferd In reply to Looks like the problem do ...

Aside from the fact that it is usually a problem the other way round (the need to manually clear temp files), even stranger is that the temp files disappear on opening/closing individual programs. Of course, certain programs do, in fact, only keep a temp file alive as long as the program is running, but most logs and installation files tend to hang around.

My only other guess would be to look in the settings for the individual apps, if the same apps are leaving temp files on all other machines excepting these few.

Good luck!

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Hi Again

by monkeyman In reply to Very strange

Thanks for your thoughts.

No doubt here's a setting buried somewhere deep in the registry for this, but who knows what or where?

Anyway, thanks again!

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