how do i move my array

By janimal ·
ok, i have (had) a raid 5 array on an adaptec 2410sa card. the card has gone down, and keeps randomly dropping channels. i've done a bit of googeling and it is not a unique problem. it seems the card is dead. so i bought an identical replacement card to migrate the array onto. trouble is, the array is degraded because of the dropped channels issue, and the new card sees no array at all.

is there a way to save the array settings to the new card and rebuild the array on there or is there a data recovery utility which might save my data and my neck?

adaptec have been no help at all - the original card is an oem, so they aren't interested, which is nice. i would really appreciate some help in recovering my array, and the 200 gb data i can't get to at the moment.

cheers, jan

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Are you sure the card is actually identical?

by seanferd In reply to how do i move my array

Make sure the hardware and firmware revisions, if any, are the same.

If the array was corrupted by the failing controller you may have to do something like this:

or find software or a better method more particular to your circumstances

Hopefully, one of the RAID experts has something better.

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as far as i know, yes.

by janimal In reply to Are you sure the card is ...

the card is another adaptec 2410sa, i don't know about the firmware revisions - i suppose i would have to install both cards on my server attach same time to compare?

thank you for the links. yes the article does look like its along the lines of what i need, but i'm waaaaay out of my depth. to be honest a lot of it is pretty alien and unintelligible to me. i did do a similar google search to the one you linked to but again, expertise wise i'm out of my depth and don't fully get what is being talked about.

unfortunately i don't have a linux guru to hand, and at a a guess, it would be monstrously expensive to pay someone to recover this lot for me. thank you for your speedy reply; i'll hang on and see if one of the raid experts can offer me something more digestible... :)

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