How do I move win2003 from an old server to a new one

By ntproenca ·
I manage the network and servers of an highschool network. In the upcoming summer break I am planning to move the main server (winsrvr2003 with DHCP, AD, DNS, Filesharing, RIS) from an outdated hardware to a brand new server.

To my best knowledge there is no easy and painless way to do this, or is it? Has anyone done this who could share some knowledge?

As I am planning to redistribute some file shares and partitions, I am planning to install win2003 on the new hardware, make it a member server, them promote it to all the operations masters roles, then remove the other server from the domain, and hopefully I would get a fresh domain controller retaining all the functionalities of the domain. The RIS partition I found some articles on how to move it between harddisks, the fileshares I would rebuild them manually.
AFAIK doing a system state backup and then restore on the new hardware will not work, right?

Share some knowledge, please!

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