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How do i network a company that has about 5000 pcs??

By DeN inc. ·
is it possible for me to network 5000 PC's in a LAN?? how do i do it?

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One good way..

by leonardw In reply to How do i network a compan ...

If you have a company with 5000 pcs, you may want to look at getting a pretty big switch. :)

Seriously though, if you are just now networking 5000 pcs, you got alot of work ahead of you.
Look at getting 48pt switches (I prefer HP, but 3com and Cisco will work) that have fiber uplinks or gigabit ethernet uplinks so you can 'link' all of them together without creating bottlenecks. Purchasing a switch is the easiet part, you may want to look at setting up a active directory(windows 2003) to govern these pcs, this will allow you to implement security policies and manage everything alot easier. I can write 10 pages on setting up active directory, but microsoft already has some good ones :)
Another thing you want to look at is a firewall, and with 5000 pcs, you need a pretty damn good one. Cisco PIX's are popular, but I am a sonicwall guy. I use the PRO 3060 myself, which allows antivirus at the gateway and network level, internet content filtering system, intrusion prevention/detection, aes encryption for vpn, spyware filtering and MUCH more. But you will need a firewall for sure, possbily a router if you want to segment traffic and so forth.

Plan carefully, come up with a good private ip scheme that you can nat out to the internet( firewall will handle it). A class B network will give you no problems whilst supporting up to 65000 pcs. The format is and this way, you can setup dhcp which will automatically assign all the addresses to the individual pcs thus creating less overhead for you. There are alot of things that need to be taken into consideration when designing a network. If you properly prepare for it, then you should have no problems. Email me if you have any additional questions, but this is just a breif over view of what is needed to make your setup happen.

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Hire a consultant - outsource

by angry_white_male In reply to One good way..

If you truly have 5,000 PC's that are not networked (this day and age I find it hard to believe that you have a "sneakernet" that large), then you best get on the horn with a good networking consultant and it won't be cheap.

Things to consider:

WAN considerations (if this is spread out over different locations)
Internet connectivity

Huge, huge project with that many seats.

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by stress junkie In reply to Hire a consultant - outso ...

If you have such a large job and you have to ask such a basic question then you need to bring in someone who already knows how to do it. If you try to do it yourself and learn as you go you will create vulnerabilities and poor configuration choices that will cause problems down the road. In short, your network will be a liability to the business.

Ideally you should hire an expert network administrator permanently and then you could learn from that person over time.

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Sounds like homework

by Oz_Media In reply to How do i network a compan ...

Sounds like a typical homework question, regardless, this is not a good place for concise responses, it's just a discussion forum.

If you want tech help, try clicking the Technical Q&A link, that's where you will get help.

I find it REALLY hard to believe that ANY orgnization with 5000 PC's would not have a network, this is 2005. How would a company have 5000 stand alones and actually conduct business?

To refrain from answers such as this, again try clicking the Technical Q&A link and asking in the approriate forum.

Good luck.

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I hadn't thought of that for once.

by stress junkie In reply to Sounds like homework

Now that you mention it the original post does seem like homework. I don't know how I missed it. It's just like homework from a computer class. 5000 unnetworked computers? Doubt it. Actually I can think of one scenario where it could happen but I don't want to feed an excuse to the question poster.

In summary you are probably correct.

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Some help though

by Oz_Media In reply to Sounds like homework

You could try just getting 5000 Cat 5 cables and connecting them in a daisy chain peer to peer system.

This would be te most effective as you wouldn't need a router/switch, IT staff or server to control your network.

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I am aghast...what wasteful advice!

by mike In reply to Some help though


I am truly surprised. Any real IT pro would know that only 4999 CAT5 cables are needed for 5000 PCs.


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Inrenet connection

by Oz_Media In reply to I am aghast...what wastef ...

One more for mthe 'shared' modem:)

THen you can use the first is line to start the daisy chain!

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Left out how to share

by Dr Dij In reply to I am aghast...what wastef ...

You of course need some way to share files between users.

Immediately download and install Kazaa.
It was created to share files.

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by Oz_Media In reply to Left out how to share

To be fair, If you're gonna use Kazaa (excellent for interoffice file sharing) use the stripped version, it's not tracked by RIAA and has good tools for keeping downloads consistent. Use KazaaLite Revolution or KazaaLite Resurrection, they are both pretty good.

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