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How Do I Network my computers together?

By markissemperfi ·
To whom it may concern,
Hi my name is Mark and I kind of have a problem with networking my computers together to read each other. I am using wireless for all of them. The company that makes these products is linksys. What my problem is, is getting all 4 of my computers to read each other and to print on my two printers. I would like to link them together to use the file and printer sharing but I can't seem to get them all on the same page. Please send help!

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by dustyD In reply to How Do I Network my compu ...

Linksys has some excellent product quides. Find them here,
if you don't have the hard copies.

Do you have internet working on all computers?
Or do you just need them to talk to each other?
Kind of need to know where to start here.

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by LiamE In reply to How Do I Network my compu ...

Check the linksys stuff first.

Also check that the computers all have different names and that their workgroup names are all the same.

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by razz2 In reply to How Do I Network my compu ...

Is this a Linksys wireless router or just a wireless AP? What is the

If you have a router or the like doing DHCP then make sure that
the PC's are getting an ip address. Otherwise set them as static

Make sure each PC name and ip address is unique.

Putting the PC's in the same workgroup will make finding them
easier too.

Then try to PING from one PC to another by going to:

Start Menu --> Run
Type: command in the box and click OK
Type: ping w.x.y.z (where w.x.y.z is the ip of another PC)

If you get replies you are connected. Enable File and Printer
sharing on the PC's and actually share the printer or drive or
folder you want. Do not use default share names of "C" etc as
many worms and virus' look for those. Also password protect
the shares.

if this is XP then you will have to make sure any user accounts

Good Luck,


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by slap_stick2000 In reply to How Do I Network my compu ...

As long as the wireless hardware on each computer is enabled, the problem should lie in how they relate to eachother. Make sure all the ip addresses are only one digit apart. eg. Computer X has ip address of and subnet of subnet should be same on all pcs. ip address on computer y should be a follow on e.g (only change last digit!)

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by wlbowers In reply to How Do I Network my compu ...

Whatever you do don't try to do them all at once.

Take two computers, one with printer.

1. Make sure the computers are on the same workgroup.

2. Make sure each computer name is unique.

3. Make sure you have sharing turned on , drives and printer.

4. Make sure you have user accounts on each machine for the other machines.

5. Make sure the wireless cards are configured the same. Channel, SSID.

6. Don't hide the SSID or enable WPA or WEP untill everything is working.

7. Once you have the computers connected connect the second computer to the printer.

8. Now add one computer at a time.

Good Luck


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your network

by hosseinnn In reply to How Do I Network my compu ...

hey guy
i think you need to follow these steps that i tell you as below :
on PC 1 : open the RUN menu and type CMD then type on CMD this command : "ipconfig" then press Enter. for example your IP address would this number : ""
find your IP address then you need ping the ip address from back of the other computers ,
on PC 2 : open the RUN , write this command :
"ping -t"
if you could ping the IP with "REPLY from" then it means you can see the no 2nd compute , then you must mark a check box at this :
win 7 for exmpl : "my computer / organize / folder and search options / at VIEW tab / unmark 'use sharing wizard (recommended)' and then do that for all others same the first then restart your network, it will be fix i hope,"

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