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How do i network p2p crossover of 2 Xp Pc

By kasambanjolomba ·
i want to network two Xp Pc's using a crossover twisted cable(Cat 5).I know in win9x machines i ultilise Netbui protocol .How can i do it in xp?

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Put in the network cards if required

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to How do i network p2p cros ...

Hitch then together with a crossover CAT 5 cable and then follow the wizards.


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p2p crossover 2 XP PC's

by netcomsolutions In reply to How do i network p2p cros ...

Introduction: Configure a Direct Cable Connection with Windows XP Home Edition

For the occasional exchange of data between a laptop computer and a desktop computer, you do not have to use a whole network. If you use only a direct cable connection and a cable, you create a real network connection that you can quickly create and disconnect.

The direct cable connection is a connection between a guest computer and a host computer. When you use this connection, you can connect two computers to each other.
The host computer provides resources such as folders, drives, or even a printer.
The guest computer uses the resources that the host computer provides.
Strict task sharing results in a one-way direct cable connection. The resources can only be accessed in one direction. To change the direction, disconnect an existing connection, reassign the tasks, and then reestablish the connection.

The guest computer uses the resources of the host computer.

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Why the overload!

by Dr. Al Olaimi In reply to How do i network p2p cros ...

My suggestion would be as simple as getting a 2 or 4 ports inexpensive network hub!

Set yourself a nice Microsoft neighborhood name (i.e. CrossOverHood).

Install a firewall (XP have it built in!) on the internetted PC.

And enjoy all the possibilities of networking!

I personally have this setup to connect all my PCs (2 PCs and 2 notebooks!)

There are lots of synchronization software packages that would make all your PCs have the same data up to date and in-synch.)

However, I would highly recommend that you put one of your Machines as a fall safe backup just in case "something" goes wrong!

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Maybe Impossible

by sscgdl In reply to How do i network p2p cros ...

You need two PC's with Network card each one and 1 Hub/Switch. Thera are very cheap.

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xp p2p networking

by ramnaumi_india In reply to How do i network p2p cros ...

i am also using xp p2p netowork at my home using cat5 (cross cable). Just connect two system in lan and assign ip of your choice.

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