How do I number rows in a Word 2007 table, starting at a specified number ?

By bryanw99 ·
I want to use a Word 2007 table to record invoices and payments, with the LH column being consecutive invoice numbers. The numbering box in the ribbon defaults to "1" for the initial row and I can't see how to change it.

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by TobiF In reply to How do I number rows in a ...

Don't use the autonumber field in Word.

Although it should be possible to set a different starting number (I just don't know HOW for Word 2007), you better not use autonumber at all for this purpose, since it would only take an accidental adding of a row etc. to lose synch of your numbers.

Instead, go to Excel, write the first 2-3 invoice numbers you want in consecutive cells. Now select this list, and expand it a couple of hundred rows. Then copy this into Word. (The best way is to first paste it as a separate table; then select the whole table and apply standard format, then select just the column of cells (but not the row ends) and cut into the copy buffer; and finally paste into position in your target table.)

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And the answer to your question (but not what you need)

by TobiF In reply to How do I number rows in a ...

If you right-click on a auto-number entry, you'll get a context-menu with the command "set numbering value".

Still, I recommend the method in my previous reply.

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