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How Do I - Off Site Access

By felicia ·
Have 10-member office network, communal broadband-router based net access, database etc. Boss needs access from off site (local, overseas) to view and update database (price) tables. What is recommended as best means to provide this solution. Web based server? Software? Web solution?

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I would recommend

by BillmanL In reply to How Do I - Off Site Acces ...

that you contact a service firm local to your area that can sit down with you and discuss what your needs are. They can then look at what you are doing and make recommendations on how to accomplish what your boss wants to do or implemtn a solution for you if you do not have the IT staff to it in house.

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Thanks BillmanL

by felicia In reply to I would recommend

Thanks BillmanL - Downside is that our location is Bangkok, Thailand - Language issue is main problem along with somewhat 'narrow' viewpoint of service providers contacted so far.

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by webjabber In reply to How Do I - Off Site Acces ...

SSL VPN is perfect for your case. So you boss can SSH, Remote Desktop or Tunnel back to your database server.

You can check

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