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How do I open a PGP signed document and not just verify the signature?

By sbtrader ·
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I am using OpenPGP to digitally sign a document with my private key. The signature is included in the document and the new file extension then ends in .PGP. When I send this document to someone who has my Public Key, all they can do is verify my signature, they can't open the document and read it. If they open it with a text reader (Notepad) the file is not in text format. I did NOT sign and encrypt the original document, I only signed it. I understand how to create the public and private keys and how to extract the public key and send it my friend. I understand how to sign and/or encrypt the original document. What I don't understand is the practical use of a digital signature if the recipient can't both verify my signature AND open the document.

What am I missing or doing wrong?

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