How do I pay for Polderbits Sound Recorder and Editor

By FrankGC ·
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I downloaded Polderbits Sound Recorder and Editor from ZDNet.**1005/
I have a seven day trial period. before it is deactivated.
When I try to activate, the link to the server at
fails. I get the same error with Microsoft Edge.
I am into day two of my seven day trial period. I have used Polderbits for seven years on another computer and I do want it on my new Win 10 computer. If I don't get the access key I will loose Polderbits. M y appeals to ZDnet have so far been ignored.
I would appreciate any suggestions.
Frank Camp

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Pay for Polderbits

by FrankGC In reply to How do I pay for Polderbi ...

Tech Republic,
I got a response from Support
"Unfortunately, this publisher is no longer in business. All of our listings for PolderbitS products have been made
"info-only" pages, meaning we do not actually host any download or purchase links for PolderbitS software at this time."
It remains to be seen if The program which did download, install and execute will be made inoperative at the end of the seven day trial period.
Frank Camp

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by boxermike7 In reply to How do I pay for Polderbi ...

I have the same problem, I understand the company has closed down, leaving us all high and dry!

I am currently trying to find a 'crack' for it, as a last resort. It seems it will be the only way.

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Polderbits Left us dry

by Johnnyr5 In reply to How do I pay for Polderbi ...

Sorry to have to tell you that Polderbits stopped at once with no way to do anything. I have two licenses with them, one for 32bit and one for 64bit. I tried to get another one for another machine a year or two ago and was out of luck. I still have not found a program as good as Polderbits, and I am still looking. What I am using now, until I find another "Polderbits" is Audacity from "" It is an Opensource, (Freeware) program that is one of the best audio programs made. One the other hand it is a lot more difficult to use. Polderbits only did ONE thing, but it did it very well and easy. Sorry. If you or anybody finds a program that works as well and easy as Polderbits, please let me know. I do freeware, shareware, & Opensource. I gave up on commercialware, got burned too much. Lots of money down the pockets of "Thieves"

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Why didn't the ower(s) of PolderbitS sell the software rights?

by Scabard In reply to How do I pay for Polderbi ...

Can't understand why PolderbitS would just fold their business like that. Surely they could have sold the rights to the software to another business. Maybe it was run by a sole operator and they have died and left no instructions regarding the business assets. Whatever the reason, it's a shame that such good software has disappeared. I agree with "Johnnyr5" that the Sound Editor was great. I've used the trial versions several times over the years and found it perfect for cutting long audio "albums" into individual tracks. All done automatically and without error. I've yet to find similar software that can compare. I finally decided to buy the program and discovered it's no longer available.

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by FrankGC In reply to Why didn't the ower(s) of ...

There was a death that sunk Polderbits, Rudy Kok. I tried to contact their support but I got no reply.
The original web site is gone. This URL reveals others frustration in getting Polderbits.
I still have the program but I do not have a valid access key.
If I knew how to find it in the registry I might be able to get it working.
Frank C

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by mjd420nova In reply to How do I pay for Polderbi ...

When Creative Labs came out with the first plugin sound card, it came with a "Wave Studio" software package. Very similar to Audacity and just as powerful. Picks up on any plugin sound card or on board audio. Even lets me make four tracks from two.

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by jamesjbolick3 In reply to How do I pay for Polderbi ...

hate to tell you the publisher and founder of polderbit passed away it no longer exist if you have it on another computer with the key you are lucky that is the only computer it will work on so enjoy it

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