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    How Do I Prepare for a civilian IT Career by 2008?


    by rayeni ·

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      Stay In

      by bucky kaufman (mcsd) ·

      In reply to How Do I Prepare for a civilian IT Career by 2008?

      You’ve built your skills and career around net admin in government. You’d do well to stay with it.

      The skills for getting along in the military don’t work so well in the private sector – unless you go to work for Raytheon or Lockheed or Haliburton or somesuch.

      Those kinds of companies would be your best shot. They *love* hiring vets. You’ll probably even find that they send you to the same exact schools that soldiers attend. You’ll be doing the same work, under better conditions, and with better pay.

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        You Got a Point.

        by rayeni ·

        In reply to Stay In

        Government and the Private Sector are different to a degree. Sure, it makes sense to stay associated with government, but staying in the Army for 20 years is just not appealing to me. 🙂

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          by bucky kaufman (mcsd) ·

          In reply to You Got a Point.

          When I got out, I tried a coupla crappy jobs and pretty quickly went to work for myself. I’ve never regretted that decision.

          Working for yourself requires mega discipline, and a freshly discharged vet (or released convict) is just brimming with self-discipline, even if it eventually dissipates. That’s the best time to start something self-employish.

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        Employability of Vets

        by chazcu ·

        In reply to Stay In

        Some of what Bucky is saying could be true. However, I must disagree with his opinion of a veteran’s ability to adapt to the private sector. A PERSON leaving the military is just as apt to live in society as anyone else is. The experience you get in the military will help you get in the door of some companies but you have to sell yourself. You will have to show, especially those with Bucky’s opinion of military, that vets are not robots, they have been trained not only to be infantry, but in leadership, TQM, and have the experience to back it up.
        From now until you get out, plan for the day. Take all the schools the military will send you to and take those assignments that will get you the experience in the discipline you want. You have an advantage over most your age (that is an assumption on my part); you will go into an interview with more experience than most. I see it often when hiring IT personnel. Good luck to you, create a plan and work the plan. As for Bucky, I hope I didn’t offend you but I have heard that tone and opinion often and strongly disagree with it.

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          Mein Kampf

          by bucky kaufman (mcsd) ·

          In reply to Employability of Vets

          However, I must disagree with his opinion of a veteran’s ability to adapt to the private sector.
          —— —— —— ——

          I based it solely on my own personal experience. For as f’d up as the military is – it was reliable and orderly. You get used to it.

          When I got out a real suprise that there are so *many* folks out there who don’t take their jobs seriously. People who think rules are only for if you get caught, and that honesty and honour are to be sold off to the highest bidder. People who see their co-workers as the enemy, instead of as partners.

          For folks with personal integrity, like a lot of soldiers, how America business really works can be a major let-down.

          When Tim McVeigh got out, he was so disenchanged with the whole mess he decided to blow it up – and everybody who knew him described him as an honourable man.

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