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How do I print from OSX to PC?

By sid2279 ·
I am running an iBook with Mac OSX. I am trying to print to my W2K Box. I have shared the printer (Lexmark Z25) from the windows machine. There is a great article:
that helped me out with the initial steps, however, when I get to the step to go to the terminal and check the shares on the windows machine, I get the error message "NT_STATUS_LOGON_FAILURE". The terminal resolves the username, but not the password. I verified the users and pw's on both machines. I have no problem sharing files between the two, just printing. I would just hook the printer up to the mac, but I take the mac all aroud the house and elsewhere. For now my solution is sharing the files I want to print. HELP!!!

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by sgt_shultz In reply to How do I print from OSX t ...

hey, way to go! i am just guessing, but i bet it is something simple like the way you specified the printer...double-check. change the share name to something very simple and no funny characters.
then try these different URI syntaxes:
smb://username@servername/sharedprinter or

i bet it is just a misspelling or a syntax error

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by tilsharic In reply to How do I print from OSX t ...

I had a similar problem setting up printing to queues. What I found was you need to use the actual queue name not the shared name.

For example: Printer is named "my_default_printer" and you have it shared as "default"

Under print center, ip printing... Set the printer ip address to the computer where it's hooked up to and the queue name to "my_default_printer"

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by tilsharic In reply to

With this method you need to have Print Services for Unix running.

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by tartag1 In reply to How do I print from OSX t ...

I usually send my material from my mac to a pc. In an
email, I will attach the pertinent document. When I open
up on the pc, I save the attached document to the
desktop and then open it up. As long as it is opened on
a pc, then I can print it on the pc printer.

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by bheyman In reply to How do I print from OSX t ...

I had a similar problem and the problem was I did not
know the name of the que was "print".

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by TJ In reply to How do I print from OSX t ...

I'm assuming that you are on wireless. Having had the same problem with my Powerbook OSX to XP and W98 peer to peer. First you have to add the printer in system properties>printers and faxing>printing>set up printers. This will open the dialog with all your installed printers. (make sure your printer is installed here and that it's checked) If not, Go to printers>add printer>printer list. You should have the choice of windows printing. Then select the workgroup name and your workgroup computers should appear. Select the pc with the printer attached. Enter your user name and password. You should see all the printers on that box. Choose the one you want. Some printers require that you have the drivers for that printer installed on your mac to make this work. The mac will search for drivers and then install the network drivers. It will ask you for choices of cups+gimp and you need to select that and make sure your printer is named one word under 8 letters and numbers. Hopefully this should make it work for you. If you're running a Windows NT domain network, I don't know if this will work but I now have 4 printers accessible from my PB all on other machines.

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