How do i properly setup a network switch - i am retarded. need help plz.

By thehumbleddrifter ·
Yes, i know im a computer illeterate knob of a noob, but i cant quite seem to figure this out, and have always had issues with properly seting up networks. Your help is much appreciated.

So i have a D-Link switch, and from my research a switch is better than a router because it utilizes bandwith much more efficiently, resulting in faster networking. I am attempting to setup a home network where the primary use is connecting to the internet, and not so much file sharing or drive mapping.

The issue:
I have the cable internet coming from the ISP cable into the modem, the CAT5 from the modem into port one in the switch, and 2 computers pulling from the switch attempting to connect to the internet - one pulling from switch port 2 and the other from switch port 3. The lights on the front of the switch have lit up representing ports 1,2 and 3, however the computer which is attempting to connect to the internet from switch port 3 can only connect locally and will not connect to the internet.

Are there any internal settings within the switch which i may have to setup? For instance, i think D-Link routers can be setup from however i have already tried this with no success.

If this should work, please tell me how to properly setup a network using windows vista, i need to get this up asap. Thank you all for your help!

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Seems ok

by tintoman In reply to How do i properly setup a ...

The way you have the switch connected is correct.
I suspect that the computer on port 3 is in a different network range to the others, so you need to go to control panel - network and sharing centre - then click manage network connections, right click your LAN connection and select properties, then double click TCP/IPV4 properties.
Make sure that is set to obtain IP address automatically and the same with the DNS server.
Post back for more help if needed

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Thank you for your reply.

by thehumbleddrifter In reply to Seems ok

Yes, everything is connected and setup as per your instructions. In the network and sharing center there is the big "X" between 'unidentified network' (is that an issue?) and Internet.

I've just formatted, perhaps i need more recent updates? I'll direct conect with this computer and see if i can download and install more updates and drivers.

Thank you again, and if anything i have said is amiss, please let me know!


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What I see

by shasca In reply to Thank you for your reply.

How Do I Share An Internet Connection?
So you finally got a high speed Internet connection and you can let that old modem gather dust. But you've got more than one computer, so how do you hook things up so that all of them can share the same connection?

There are two basic ways to share an Internet connection:

? Use the Internet Connection Sharing (ICS) feature that is part of Windows XP.

? Use a router (gateway) between your computers and the cable or DSL modem.

From the article below

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Why your setup doesn't work

by sidekick In reply to What I see

Basically, you can only have one device (computer or router) connected to the internet through the cable modem. In this case, the switch doesn't count. Even though you PHYSICALLY have only the switch directly connected to the modem, as far as the modem is concerned, LOGICALLY you have 2 computers connected to it and it will only work with one. This is because of the way the switch works.

Shasca is right, you have two choices.

1) Connect one computer to the modem, set up ICS on it, and connect the second computer to the first computer.

2) Put in some kind of router instead of the switch.

Personally, I recommend the second choice for you. A typical home router will also function as a switch so you can plug 4 or 5 computers into it, and typically include a basic firewall. You can also get one with or without wireless built in if you like.

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proper config

by LarryD4 In reply to How do i properly setup a ...

Proper config..

If the switch is a managed switch you will have to connect to it and setup an IP on your network for it or let it get one from DHCP.

But it should be as follows

1. Cable Modem to WAN port of Cable/DSL router.

2. New Switch to one of the ethernet ports on the Cable DSL router via ethernet cable
Be aware, you either need to use an uplink port on the switch itself or use a ethernet crossover cable. Usually these ports are labeled uplink or they will autosense the switch and auto config.

3. All PCs connect to the new switch.

4. Make sure their is only one DHCP server active on the network and preferably it should be the one on the Cable/DSL Router.
If you are using something else like DHCP on a server, you need to go tell it what the gateway is for your network. This is the ip address of the Cable/DSL router. If all your using is DHCP on the Cable/DSL router then you have no issues.

To be safe Go to each PC and from the command line enter the command,
ipconfig /renew

If all is working you should be good to go.

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Multipoint Networking

by Lichaha In reply to How do i properly setup a ...

i have 6 multi point servers which i want to network and include an administrator computer, bringing the number of computers to 7. how can this be done?

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Reponse To Answer

by PurpleSkys In reply to Multipoint Networking

try reposting as a new question. posting here will likely result in your question being overlooked whereas you have hijacked an old thread.

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