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How do I put a clickable link in a Facebook Note?

By JADavis9 ·
The Notes app in Facebook is driving me crazy!
While I am creating a Note, I enter a link with www. and .com and it then turns blue with an underline, so it has obviously been identified as a link. But after I finish creating the Note and Publish it or even just Preview it, the URL is no longer a clickable link. It is just displayed as normal text.
I have played with this for quite a while and haven't been able to figure out why it seems to fail like this.
What up?

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try contacting

by PurpleSkys In reply to How do I put a clickable ...

Facebook's tech support and ask them the same question. I tried the same thing and you're right, it doesn't remain as a clickable link.

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HTML is your friend

you have to wrap the link in <a> tags. be sure to use the full link with the http:// or facebook assumes it is a facebook page and gets confused when trying to serve up the page.

this is a link "<"a href="" target="_blank"></a">"

just take out the double quotes surrounding the open and close <>

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I'm kinda dumb so can you say it differently?

by JADavis9 In reply to How do I put a clickable ...

I got confused when you started talking about tags and quotes. Could you maybe Reply with just the text that you would put in a note? Or maybe it is more complicated than that due to this tag thing. I don't even know what that means. I do know that I can tag a User in a Comment or in a Photo if they are my Friend, but I don't understand your use of the term, tag, in this issue.

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HTML is really your friend

For what you are trying to do you really need to know some HTML, but that aside, the line

this is a link "<"a href="" target="_blank">"</a>"

is a sample of what you need to do but it cut of the closing "</a>" tag. Completly different than "tagging" a photo. Facebook's note feature wasn't designed to handle html tags without knowing how to write these in html. to write a tag, you start with the opening which is the less than symbol then the a
then add the href which is the address of the site href="" The target="_blank" makes it open in a new window. the greater than symbol is the end of that piece and the next text is what they will see on the page. then the last part with the /a inside the less than and greater than symbols is what tells the browser that the tag is closed and to go back to treating things as normal text.

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