How Do I QUICKLY position (FORMAT) a Image / Picture in MS Word 2010?

By Shrike49 ·
I'm using Windows 7 & MSO 2010 and in Word 2010 I often have quite a Number of Images I need to position within any one Page.

In Word 2010, I have to Select the Image/Pic, Which brings up the Picture Tab and then click on Format! In the Arrange Area I Click on Position which Displays 10 options for positioning the Image. NONE OF THESE CUT THE MUSTARD!
So I Click on "More Layout Option" and up comess the "Layout Dialog". The Quicker way to do this is to Select the Pic and Right Click and Select the "Size and Position..." and The Layout Dialog Comes Up!
In The "Text Wrapping" Tab I make at least 2 Selections, 1 is always "Square" and the "Wrap Text" selection depends on Where I Position the Image which I Setup in Under the Position tab!! MOST TIME's I Have to Make 4 Changes in order to get The required position, with the appropiate text Wrapping. A very Tedious Task when you have Lots of Docu's & Images Contained thereIn!!

I HAVE tried to use a recorded Macro, But Cannot because the Required Selections are NOT available with The Macro record running! Unfortunately My VBA is NBG!
After a number of futile attempts to try and automate my Picture formatting, I resorted to the Good (BLAHhhh..) old Help - office online etc (Waste of time) and also scoured the Web and many close calls and after 3 day's I still can't find and answer!!
Your mission should you chose to accept it, is "PLEASE Help".!!! Pretty Please!!!

Good Old Microsoft you have given us some more time wasting rubbish in a very expensive bit of software which u have been St... around with for years and stil cant get it right, Search & Replace and the Image Formating NEEDs some urgent work Done on it!


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If you regally place images in the same position

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to How Do I QUICKLY position ...

Have you considered making your own Template and using that?

That would be the way that i would proceed if I had to use Word.


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Reponse To Answer

by Shrike49 In reply to If you regally place imag ...

Thanks Col,
It crossed my Mind to do Just that (Pic_Template), But didn't get to far with it!!
Maybe I should Look into that idea a bit more!!

Thanks anyway

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