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How do I re-establish connectivity?

By nebheprura ·
Am using HP desktop with Windows XP and was trying to get on internet to get updates. Services had been altered since apparent spyware or virus was causing problems on desktop where could not click on taskbar since cursor always in hourglass as if something was working in the background. Now, Internet Explorer will not connect to internet although network adapter says connected but only signals sent, nothing coming in. No firewall activated, running through router and cable modem. Router says that signal is fine(lights on), but still no way to get online. I tried reactivation of all services in services.msc and msconfig, but still nothing works. Can't fix problems on computer with updates and stuff if I don't have internet connectivity. Computer apparently worked with AOL before, but uninstalled and now nothing works. Any suggestions, would help greatly. Also,when I try to activate all services, some services come up with errors and say that they cannot activate.

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by sgt_shultz In reply to How do I re-establish con ...

this on dsl? try unplugging power from dsl modem for a minute, then plugging back in
see if you can then ping router. if yes, try to ping if no try to ping isp's dns servers

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do an ipconfig /renew from the command line.

if it pops back and says the operation cannot be completed on something that is not a socket, reinstall TCP/IP

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by wcp In reply to How do I re-establish con ...

1. Boot to Safe Mode with Networking and see if it connects to Internet. If it does, do MSCONFIG to find which startup program causes the problem and disable or uninstall it.

2. You may still have spyware. You need spyware removal programs and Internet connectivity Fix programs. You need a computer that connects to Internet and so you can download them. Burn them to a CD and install them in your system. Use your friends?, relatives?, or neighbors?.

Spyware removal programs
Ad-Aware SE Personal ? Make sure download the latest definition file. This needs to be unzipped and copy to Program Files\Lavasoft\Ad-Aware SE Personal folder.
MS Antispyware -
HijackThis -
CWShredder -

Internet Connectivity Fix programs
WinsockFix -
LSP-Fix -

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by wcp In reply to

If you still have the problem, there are two options.
1. Backup data and clean install Windows.
2. Take your computer to a service place.

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by willcomp In reply to How do I re-establish con ...

In interest of saving time, run Winsockfix.exe to repair sockets. It is usually required after malware removal. Here's a different link from WCP's with more explanation.


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by frank_s In reply to How do I re-establish con ...

When I run across problems like this, I start with System Restore. You may not find a restore point that works but if you do it's an easy fix. If you can, start with one dated when you know the computer was working. If you don't know, work your way back through the available restore points. If this doesn't work then I'd try the winsock repairs.

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by kevinkfred In reply to How do I re-establish con ...

Check to see if DNS is resolving - go to a command prompt (Start, Run, cmd, enter) Clear DNs entries with ipconfig /flushdns Then type in ping (or any web site) - it probably won't reply back to pings but check to see if the name resolves to an IP address ( resolves to If it doesn't you have a DNS issue. Possibly your ISP is not providing DNS (check the server from your ISP with ipconfig /all - look for the DNS Server entry - try to telnet to the DNS server IP address on port 53 telnet X.Y.Z.Q 53 if the DNS server is up your should get a black screen back - just kill the window at that point - if you get a failure, then the ISP DNS server(s) are down. Try to browse to a web site by IP address - for

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by NI70 In reply to How do I re-establish con ...

If you have access to another computer that's connected to the Internet, such as a friends, go to and download their BART CD (Bootable Anti-virus & Recovery Tools). This is a fully functional 14 day demo version. Just need to register for it. With this software, you'll need a computer with WinXP, as it creates the bootable CD from files located in the i386 directory. Burn the BART CD (you'll need a burning software such as Nero). Also download avast's free anti-virus software and burn it to the CD or another CD. I've used the demo version to fix a friend's computer that would even boot due to being infected with multiple virii and trojans, as well as infested with spyware. Once you've cleaned your system with BART, boot up and then try connecting to the Internet again. You should also download ZoneLabs Zone Alarm firewall, they offer a free version.

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by NI70 In reply to

By the way, I forgot to mention SpyBot Search & Destroy, you can download it from Also, if you're using Internet Explorer, download Firefox from and STOP using IE, as it's swiss cheese full of security holes.

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by 3xp3rt In reply to How do I re-establish con ...

<> from here you can download a Knoppix system.
This is a Linux based O.P. bootable Live system on CD or DVD.Start your computer with this O.P. and try to connect to the Internet.

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