How do I re-image a pc?

By paul.buckley ·
Windows XP aboiut 6 years old

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Well you're 6 years too late asking that question ...

by OldER Mycroft In reply to How do I re-image a pc?

Generally, after you have installed an operating system, and then added all the programs and utilities that you intend using - you IMAGE the hard drive at that time and save it for future use.

Should your computer show signs of slowing down, or become irretrievably corrupted in some way, you apply the 'image' to return the hard drive to the point it was at when the image was made.

If you didn't make an image back then, you're best course of action would be to reinstall XP from your install discs, then re-populate the hard drive with whichever programs and utilities your prefer to use.

*Saving all your DATA first, in either case.

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