how do i reconnect a hard drive to a different pc?

By nevadamiss ·
the wires were all twisted so i straightened them out now when I put it in it says there is no operating system on the hard drive and i know there is

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Well, since you mentioned a DIFFERENT pc ...

by OldER Mycroft In reply to how do i reconnect a hard ...

There is every possibility that the second PC can't identify the first PC's hard drive.

It would help if you could give a bit more detail, like:

What make/model of PC the HD came out of
What make/model of PC you've put the HD into now
What OS is supposedly on this HD

That would be good for beginning with anyway. :)

Generally speaking, you cannot boot from a hard drive that was installed inside another PC.

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well - same HD different PC

by Jarrett_Faulk In reply to how do i reconnect a hard ...

depending on how old there are a couple of things.

1. make sure the IDE cable has the red line closest to the power plug.

2. if it wasn't and it was on backwards when you booted its possible that you wiped the HD clean. when the cable is on backwards for the HDD it can make the R&W arm move backwards and destroy the disk. or so i have heard

3. if the HDD isn't shot alot of times the OS will register the differnet hardware (i know server 2k3 does) and you have to re-activate/register the software which usually means a call to Microsoft.

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