How do I recover a Mac Formatted Partition on my PC?

By service ·
I have an external HD formatted as HFS and I need to recover everything on that drive to another external hard drive. The drive is not recognized on my PC as you would suspect.

I know MAC does read FAT32 so I formatted the source drive to this file system. How can I simply transfer the files from the HFS partition to the FAT32 partition and still be able to access these files from the MAC. I would greatly appreciate any assistance with this! Thanks in advance!


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Let me get this straight

by Michael Jay In reply to How do I recover a Mac Fo ...

you have an external hard drive with data from a MAC in HFS format, you want to move this data to an external drive in FAT32, unless I am missing something here, you copy that data from the HFS drive to the MAC, then copy it to the FAT32 drive.

Now you can access the data from the MAC or the PC from the external FAT32 drive.

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by service In reply to Let me get this straight

Michael - Thanks for the response. That makes complete sense what your are saying however remove the Mac computer completely from the equation. I'm trying to attempt the recovery with a PC so I'm trying to recover the files from a HFS partion and transfer them onto a FAT32 partition (With the PC). Let me know if you need further clarification. Thanks!

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Welcome to Linux Live CDs.

by seanferd In reply to Re:

(Or flash drives).


That should mount your HFS partition.

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Well easy answer is

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to Re:

A Windows PC can not read a Mac Formatted Disc. This is because of the way that Windows works.

What you need to do here is to use a Linux Distro or a PC Loaded with Linux. These can read most Types of HDD Partitions.

I recommend Knoppix as it's easy to use and runs off a CD so you can dump a Knoppix CD into your PC boot off the CD and then copy the Files off the HFS Partition to whatever you want.

But the reality is that most of these downloads will serve your needs here


These do not affect the already installed OS unless you chose to install them at which point they will destroy any previously loaded OS like Windows. They do run off the CD so you may need to alter the Boot Order in BIOS to boot from the Optical Drive first.

Or you could load the application here to do it. Please Note['/b] I have not previously used this so I have no idea of how well it works.



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