How do I recover all the network drivers when re-installing Windows XP?

By dick2124 ·
I got hit wit a virus the other day, and it got thru my virus software. Eventually, I decided to re-install XP. I had rebuilt this system about a year ago, successfully. This time, however, when I re-installed the operating system, the drivers for the network components, such as the either net controller, did not correctly re-install. I have tried to install them on their own, but with no success. I even uninstalled the eithernet controller, then rebooted to force installation, but the wizard will not find the driver on the install cd. I have tried recovering using backups I have taken, but the restore application says that the backup has unrecognizable data(?).

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different version?

by oldbaritone In reply to How do I recover all the ...

Check carefully on manufacturer's websites; sometimes they have different hardware versions with the same model number.

Alternative, try a "generic" driver for the chipset - sometimes they work.

Tough problem, I know - you need the network to download the drivers, and you need the drivers to get the network running. Catch-22.

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System / Motherboard Drivers

by TheChas In reply to How do I recover all the ...

First off, I never expect the Windows CD to provide the hardware drivers I need. True, Windows XP had a decent set of drivers when it came out in 2001. But, that is over 8 years ago and hardware has changed.

I ALWAYS create a hardware inventory list for a system before I start an OS install.

Once the OS is installed, I update the chip-set and video drivers. Then install device drivers as I install plug-in cards.

Check with the manufacture of the system or the motherboard and download the drivers for both the chip-set and network adapter. If the network adapter is a plug-in card, you need to identify it and download the drivers from the card manufacture.


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Or the other thing that you can do is to

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to How do I recover all the ...

Make a Slipstreamed Install Disc specially for that computer using something like nLite.

And load all of the specialized drivers that this computer needs onto the Disc that you make for the thing as well as Service Packs and any Hot Fixes that have been made available since your Install Disc was made.


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