How do i recover data from a collapsed hard drive?

By Ayden_Gentry ·
Tags: Hardware
I have a hard drive that collapsed so that all it does is show up with a letter. it doesnt show the size of the drive and when it is plugged in it slows down windows to nearly unusable. And i also cant even open disk management because it cant load the drive but still tries.

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Sounds like this is a external drive is that correct?

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to How do i recover data fro ...

If it is it sounds as if it has been unplugged while a write was being performed and the File Allocation Tables have been corrupted.

You really need to test the drive with the makers Testing Utility to get the correct answer as it could have failed as those external drives get a lot of abuse from being overheated or being knocked around both of which are Hard Drive Killers.

Post back with the make of the drive and I can post a link to the Makers Testing Utility and then you can proceed from there.

of course if this is an internal drive then none of the above is of any use other than the bit about testing the drive with it's makers testing utility.

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Re: How do i recover data from a collapsed hard drive?

by techady In reply to How do i recover data fro ...

You may search on Google for some good data recovery tools or service providers to get back your data. They use some advanced applications to analyze and recover the data in such situations.

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