How do I recover my IP address

By lmfgourdine ·
I am not able to access the internet. Checked my connections and everything is fine. I went to ipconfig and this came up.
Ethernet adapter local area connection 4:
Connection-Specific DNS suffix-Bel-kin (this is my router i know)
IP address
Subnet Mask
Default Gateway..................................
Please help. Thanks

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A few things...

by cmiller5400 In reply to How do I recover my IP ad ...

Try typing a "ipconfig /release" then "ipconfig /renew" If that doesn't work, then reboot all equipment.

If this is a home computer, then turn off all equipment (Computer/laptop, Router/DSL Modem/ cable modem), then turn on the DSL/Cable modem first. Wait 5 minutes, then turn on any Switches/Routers, wait 5 min, then turn on your PC.

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Request for Clarification

by TobiF In reply to A few things...

If you have Vista, then you may need to run CMD as administrator in order to run these commands.

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Is the cable connected and unharmed?

by TobiF In reply to How do I recover my IP ad ...

Unless you have changed any settings anywhere, the Belkin home router would typically distribute IP addresses to connected computers.
Check in your network settings that your computer is set to "receive IP settings" automatically.
Umm. Your question indicates that you're using an ethernet cable between your computer and the router. Check that the cable is connected and that the small lamps next to the cable inlet on the router start flickering when you connect the cable.
If you were expecting a wifi connection then maybe you've disabled wifi on your computer, one way or another. (could be a little button somewhere)

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A more information will help

by philldmc In reply to How do I recover my IP ad ...

What type of connection? ethernet, usb, wireless? have you tried resetting router? is nic dhcp enable or static? is dhcp working on router or disabled? lease times of dhcp? Plug into right port, LAN vs WAN, you can see there are several possibilities. Any additional information will help.

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